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4 Tips For Successfully attending conventions WITH CHILDREN! Yes... It really CAN be done! And you can all have fun, learn a lot, and come home inspired.

4 Tips For Successfully Attending Conventions With Children!

One of the most extravagant displays of education for a homeschooling parent is a convention. Whether you live

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3 helpful tips give you the confidence you need to homeschool multiple ages without worry. You'll be amazed at how much your littler ones learn from your big kids!

3 Tips To Successfully Homeschool Multiple Ages

We have a fun guest post today!  Dawn, from is here to share with you her tips to successfully homeschool multiple ages at the same time.  It’s such a great topic and,

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Let Your Toddler Do The Dishes!

Little Learning Lovies Contributor Cindy shares with us today how she totally rocks this Mommy gig by letting her toddler do the dishes!  Will you let yours? Let Your Toddler Do The Dishes Little miss

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NEW Alphabet Boxables SET – Fun From A to Z!

Alphabet Boxables Set from Little Learning Lovies is HERE! This is a huge set with a value of $72 that we have just put into the store for about 80% off! Bright, fun colors, sweet illustrations to reinforce

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New Dot Art Fun!

Do your kids love to do Dot Art?  Mine do!  And we have lots of dot art options for you at the LLL store! Crazy For Dot Art! There are LOTS of ways you can enjoy these art pages.  You can use these,

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{FREE} – Phonics Hunt For Letters A & B

I hope you’ve been enjoying our FREE series of printables for PreK. We’ve so far shared goodies for letters A & B and today I’m excited to let you know that there is a BONUS worksheet

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{Subscriber Exclusive Freebie!} – Letter B: Write, Cut & Paste

Last week, we shared some Letter A Resources with you.  This week, we’re sharing … You guessed it: Letter B!  🙂 Today we’re sharing the Write, Cut & Paste activity for the letter

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Have You Heard? 30 Days Of Preschool Fun is COMING!

There’s a big project I’ve been working on for months… …and I’m so excited to be able to start sharing with you about it! Starting January 2nd, 2015, I will start sending

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New “Boxable” Game for Halloween Themed Word Building

File Folder Games, But Better! I love file folder games for their ability to make concrete topics accessible and easy to practice.  My kids love them because, well, they are just plain fun!  But you

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{ Busy Boxes } – Presale Ending SOON!

If you follow me on social media at all (and you do, right?  We’re super active on Facebook and Pinterest and would LOVE to see you there!) you’ve heard all about Busy Boxes.  These are part

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Busy Box – The Cure For Underfoot Toddlers

I’m a homeschooling mom.  I’ve been at this for a few years and I have enough experience now that other homeschooling moms seem to think I might have a few answers.  Scary really, considering

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Homeschool Mother’s Soiree — Crafting With Kids Post Round-up

Today is “Craft with the Kids” day at the Homeschool Mother’s Soiree and I thought we could enjoy a round up of fun posts about project with and for kids. This post is a fun one that

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A new freebie for you! :)

  Don’t you just love a good freebie? 🙂    ♥ I know you do!  This one is really fun.  They LOOK like Alphabet Flash Cards and they can ACT like Alphabet Flash Cards, but if you put

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NEW FREEBIE! Farm Memory Game Plus a GREAT DEAL

Little Learning Lovies has been growing like CRAZY! 🙂 We have our brand new Lovie Packs flying out our virtual door and we want to celebrate that with a coordinating freebie! (If you haven’t gotten

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Dot Painting Fun with a 2 year old

Or… How to keep your toddler busy while your older children work in their math books. Our Anna is nearly 2 1/2 years old.  She is a joyful little creature, full of wonder, excitement, and a naturally

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