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Practicing Gratitude Through the Alphabet

For about a year now, I’ve been making sure I demonstrate what living gratefully can look like so my children

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How To Actually ENJOY Grocery Shopping With Your Kids!

When I wrote about an unfortunate experience I had with a stranger at a grocery store a few years ago, a reader noticed that I mentioned how much fun my kids and I were having as we shopped. While this

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Free Leapin' Lily Pads Phonics Game can be played so many ways. Print in high quality on card stock. It's worth the ink and paper! You'll use it a LOT with your little learners. ENJOY!

Leapin’ Lily Pads Alphabet Phonics Game {Fun Ideas Friday}

Happy Friday! Friday seems like a perfect time to let loose and have some real fun, doesn’t it? Also, in the blog world, it’s pretty common to share something for free (you know… Freebie

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Enjoy A Free Family Game Night: NEW Christmas Themed Games

Family game night is such an important part of our strategy, here, to build a strong family.  It allows us to laugh at ourselves, to show our children that we are not perfect (if the happen to still be

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Too Serious – Being Fun Isn’t Failure

It’s a heavy burden, this parenting gig.  Sometimes it’s near impossible to take the longer view and see that the troubles of the moment will resolve into memories.  And sometimes that longer

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NEW For YOU! Hide And Seek Pocket Phonics Game

Pocket Hide And Seek – Phonics: Beginning Sounds is a fun new game that kids LOVE to play.   Take a moment for me to show you more about how this game works.  It’s fast to put together, has

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4 Tips For Successfully attending conventions WITH CHILDREN! Yes... It really CAN be done! And you can all have fun, learn a lot, and come home inspired.

4 Tips For Successfully Attending Conventions With Children!

One of the most extravagant displays of education for a homeschooling parent is a convention. Whether you live close to one and go yearly, whether you travel a distance to check out different conventions,

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NEW Beautiful Letter Coloring Pages PLUS A GIVEAWAY!

I can’t wait to get mine! For the past two years, the “Build Your Bundle” sale has totally amazed me.  Most bundle sales, you end up with a lot of stuff you never look at because you

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Look What People Are Saying… FREE Phonics Pack from LLL and #FiverrHustle

I’ve been having a LOT of fun GIVING AWAY these custom phonics packs.  Have you heard about these yet? What’s a #FiverrHustle? Fiverr is a fun place to get things done for, well, a fiver!

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Music Games: Start Reading Music!

Little Learning Lovies has a few music games for you and we’ll be adding more in the coming weeks.  Our recent article about learning to play an instrument through self instruction inspired us to

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FREE Summer Fun printable classic games from Little Learning Lovies. Just laminate and break out the dry erase stuff to play over and over and SAVE ALL THAT PAPER! ♥

Tic-Tac-Toe! A Freebie For You!

My daughter just used about 50 sheets of paper to play Tic Tac Toe with her sisters.  The “Dot Game” isn’t far behind! To save our paper budget from flying completely out of control

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Multiplication Memory! Have Fun Practicing Those Tricky Facts

Multiplication Memory is a great way to help kids practice and memorize their multiplication facts. Quick fact recall is a great skill that needs to be practiced until mastered and then practiced some

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64 Fun Things To Do This Summer

64 Fun Things To Do This Summer is your ticket to a memorable (and cheap!) summer full of fun and togetherness!   There are LOTS of summer bucket lists out there, but this one is set up in an extra fun

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Spring Activities

3 Spring Activities for Your Little Ones

Spring is finally here and it’s time for spring activities! We can head outside and enjoy fresh air and sunshine, or play a May Flowers game.  It’s also the perfect time to introduce our little

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Homeschooling With A Baby: Part 2

Hey Mama!  Do you have a new little one in your family?  Is Baby making homeschooling seem like some vague memory you can sometimes recall through your sleep-deprived fog?  Have you shut down into survival

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{Free} BIG Games For Little Hands: Zoo Memory

Big Sized Games for Little Learners Hi there, friends! The PreK Corner @ Little Learning Lovies is full of fun stuff.  There are quite a few free files there for you and always tons of great things for

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Free At the PreK Corner – Pretty Spring Cootie Catcher

The PreK Corner If you follow LLL on Facebook, you may have heard about the PreK Corner.  It’s a new membership site filled with printables from Little Learning Lovies (Half of them are brand new

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Let Your Toddler Do The Dishes!

Little Learning Lovies Contributor Cindy shares with us today how she totally rocks this Mommy gig by letting her toddler do the dishes!  Will you let yours? Let Your Toddler Do The Dishes Little miss

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Make these Handpainted Valentine's Cards with your kids and give something grandma and grandpa will love!

How to Make Handpainted Valentines

Valentine’s Day is near and everyone’s favorite part is giving (and receiving) cards!  Why not let your children make their own Valentines this year?  These hand-painted Valentine’s

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Try some of these fun penguin crafts to cheer up your home this winter!

14 Penguin Crafts to Make this Winter

We’ve rounded up 14 Penguin Crafts to make this winter.  We LOVE penguins here at Little Learning Lovies and we hope you do, too! After Christmas ends, there’s still a long winter ahead here

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