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The WORST Question To Ask This Time Of Year – And What To Ask Instead

I’m a homeschooler.  I have 5 kids. These two facts open me up to a lot of interesting and sometimes-way-too-personal

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How To Actually ENJOY Grocery Shopping With Your Kids!

When I wrote about an unfortunate experience I had with a stranger at a grocery store a few years ago, a reader noticed that I mentioned how much fun my kids and I were having as we shopped. While this

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Too Serious – Being Fun Isn’t Failure

It’s a heavy burden, this parenting gig.  Sometimes it’s near impossible to take the longer view and see that the troubles of the moment will resolve into memories.  And sometimes that longer

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Character Training – 5 Ways To Get It Wrong

It happens by tiny measures, in single microscopic moments that seem like nothing at all. Weeks, months or even years later, it all seems to hit you like a tsunami wave crashing over you and you wonder

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3 helpful tips give you the confidence you need to homeschool multiple ages without worry. You'll be amazed at how much your littler ones learn from your big kids!

3 Tips To Successfully Homeschool Multiple Ages

We have a fun guest post today!  Dawn, from www.IncidentalFarmGirl.com is here to share with you her tips to successfully homeschool multiple ages at the same time.  It’s such a great topic and,

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Be Perfect or Give Up (and other lies homeschoolers believe)

Have you ever noticed that homeschoolers are afraid to complain? Maybe you feel like this yourself.  It could be that you’ve had a really rough week and you’d love to vent to your friend,

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What You Really Learn When Playing Piano

Recently, I wrote about music lessons and I encouraged you to let your kids learn on their own if you can’t afford lessons. Now I want to share with you just a little bit about all the amazing things

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In Defense Of Music – Why Self Instruction Won’t Destroy Your Child

It all started out innocently enough. A blog I follow (and you should too!  FHD ROCKS…) posted a helpful list of ways to help your child learn to play an instrument for free or nearly free.  I

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3 Ways You Can Save Money TODAY

There are so many opportunities for homeschooling families to get involved with things.  But let’s face it: All those activities (and the fuel we use up to get there!) sure can take a toll on our

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The Perfect Homeschool {… and why it’s perfectly okay if yours isn’t}

Dear Homeschooling Momma, Do you feel it? That pressure to be better?  That expectation that whatever you’re doing must be spectacular? The fear that someone will realize you’re not as together

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Homeschooling With A Baby: Part 2

Hey Mama!  Do you have a new little one in your family?  Is Baby making homeschooling seem like some vague memory you can sometimes recall through your sleep-deprived fog?  Have you shut down into survival

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Getting Out and Having Fun – Encouragement for the Introverted Homeschooler

There are a great many homeschoolers out there who aren’t really home very much since they are so involved in activities outside the home.  For some it comes very easy to get involved.  For others,

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Let Your Toddler Do The Dishes!

Little Learning Lovies Contributor Cindy shares with us today how she totally rocks this Mommy gig by letting her toddler do the dishes!  Will you let yours? Let Your Toddler Do The Dishes Little miss

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4 Weeks To An Organized Homeschool Week 4 Unit Studies And Student Responsibility

4 Weeks To An Organized Homeschool: Unit Studies & Student Responsibility

A note from Sandra… Yvie is taking over our 4 Weeks To An Organized Homeschool series today sharing some great tips on how to use unit studies to make learning more fun for your kiddos!  If you

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Awkward Pregnancy Conversations In The Grocery Store and How To Turn Them Around!

Awkward Pregnancy Conversations In The Grocery Store

It isn’t something I can, or would, hide. I’m pregnant. This, on it’s own, seems to be enough to invite all kinds of comments and questions from perfect strangers.  Most of them are

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4 Weeks To An Organized Homeschool: Week 2 – Weekly Lesson Planning

Welcome to 4 Weeks To An Organized Homeschool: Week 2 – Weekly Lesson Planning!  If you missed Week 1, we talked about organizing all those supplies (and you can read all about that here!). Weekly

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4 Weeks To An Organized Homeschool: Week 1 - Materials

Four Weeks To An Organized Homeschool: Week 1 – Materials

Welcome to our first week of Four Weeks To An Organized Homeschool. The contributors of Little Learning Lovies are teaming up to bring you this fun series to help bring off the rest of this homeschooling

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7 Ingenious Ways to Organize Supplies for Arts and Crafts

Are you looking for some fun ideas to organize supplies for arts and crafts? Preferably ideas that don’t break the bank? A way to keep children entertained on a rainy afternoon? Here are fun ideas

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Make A PLAN and Reach Your GOALS in 2015!

{Subscriber Exclusive Freebie} – Goal Planner – 2015!

Experts have been telling us for years… The best way to achieve your goals is to write them down.  You keep yourself accountable that way.  Instead of just making a wish, you give yourself a clear

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THIS … Is Homeschooling (#2)

I Asked For Your Help… You Answered! Not long ago, I asked you all to help me out with something… I wanted you to send me some pictures of your kids doing their homeschooling thing so I could

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