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NEW Alphabet Boxables SET – Fun From A to Z!

Alphabet File Folder Games - BOXABLES - A whole set of alphabet sorting fun from Little Learning Lovies (26 games, plus a bonus exclusive box to hold them all!)

Alphabet Boxables Set from Little Learning Lovies is HERE!

This is a huge set with a value of $72 that we have just put into the store for about 80% off!

Bright, fun colors, sweet illustrations to reinforce phonics skills and 26 of the most fun letter sorts you’ll ever find are in this set.  Plus, you get a bonus exclusive box to hold them all, which features lots of sweet, fun images representing the letters of the alphabet and their sounds.


We call these Boxables, but you can think of them as file folder games that become their own folder.  They are smaller than traditional file folder games and they fit into our printable boxes.  (more on that in a minute).  The smaller size means they are easy to transport and they work great if you have several kids working on them at one table.  It also means you won’t use up so many supplies!

What about that nonsense about a printable box??

Well, it’s NOT nonsense!  With just a few sheets of card stock, you can print and assemble a beautiful box that will hold all 26 of these Boxable games!  It takes a few minutes to do, but we provide step by step instructions and at the end of it, you have a really pretty box all ready for the games to fit in.


Doesn’t this look like so much fun?

I usually test stuff like this on my own kids and my 4 year old says about our new Big Pack of Alphabet Boxables:  “This is such a fun game that you made for me, Mommy!  Thanks!” and then she busily went back to letter sorting 🙂

What are you waiting for?

Another Gift For You!

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Go grab this set today and get started learning upper and lower case with your little ones.  This is a really great activity to add into your weekly letter study! ♥

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