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Color Matching Game: Butterfly Garden

The other day I was walking through some incredibly beautiful country with my kids when we spotted about a dozen

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Home Tweet Home Printable Memory Game

There’s no place like home and this bird themed printable memory game celebrates the fun of watching birds in spring as they build their homes and families. A Spring Delight Every spring, the kids

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CVC Word Puzzles - FREE from Little Learning Lovies - Print and play right away!

CVC Word Puzzles – FREE!

If your kiddos have been enjoying our 2 Part Puzzles and learning their phonics with our “Sounds Of The Letters” puzzles, they’ll probably really love testing the spelling waters with

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Pin It Phonics Game Free

Fun Friday Phonics Game!

I just finished this game for you and I hope you love it! “Pin It” Phonics Game is an exciting new play style that I think your kids are going to LOVE playing. This game can work for a single

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Free Leapin' Lily Pads Phonics Game can be played so many ways. Print in high quality on card stock. It's worth the ink and paper! You'll use it a LOT with your little learners. ENJOY!

Leapin’ Lily Pads Alphabet Phonics Game {Fun Ideas Friday}

Happy Friday! Friday seems like a perfect time to let loose and have some real fun, doesn’t it? Also, in the blog world, it’s pretty common to share something for free (you know… Freebie

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Make your homeschool FUN mama! There's literally no reason not to.

Make it FUN, Mama!

It’s so easy to forget, as we struggle to finish curriculum books by June, trying hard to make sure our kids are learning everything we hoped they would, that this crazy life style can (and should!)

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New Dot Art Fun!

Do your kids love to do Dot Art?  Mine do!  And we have lots of dot art options for you at the LLL store! Crazy For Dot Art! There are LOTS of ways you can enjoy these art pages.  You can use these,

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These hand painted mugs are a great gift idea for grandparents, aunts and uncles, or even teachers!

Hand Painted Mugs: A Great Gift Idea!

If your kids are anything like mine, they love making presents for people.  My oldest daughter, especially, will make things for people almost daily.  A card, a picture, a bracelet from a string of

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I Need Your Help With A Fun Project… {Calling All Homeschoolers}

Have You Heard This Crazy Homeschooling Myth? I’ve read a LOT of articles lately about poor, sheltered homeschoolers who don’t get the opportunity to learn from diverse viewpoints or work with

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{ Freebie Friday } – Workbox Tags Anyone? + NEW GAMES!

It’s been a while since we’ve done a Freebie Friday and I have to say, I miss them! Today I’m using our Easter Egg promotion to get you a FREE workbox tag set of your choice! But before

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Movie Night Fun – A Free Subscriber Exclusive

Family Time. I don’t think we get enough of it.  I think we all need to plan more of it.  And hosting a Family Movie Night is a great way to get more! I want YOU to be able to make family time

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A new freebie for you! :)

  Don’t you just love a good freebie? 🙂    ♥ I know you do!  This one is really fun.  They LOOK like Alphabet Flash Cards and they can ACT like Alphabet Flash Cards, but if you put

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All Halloween Items On Sale …

I’m sure by this time tomorrow I’ll be wishing I had power (we were told to expect to lose power sometime Monday/Tuesday and we’ll be out for a week or so!), but if you are not in the path of this

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Friday Freebie–Daily and Weekly “to-do” lists

It can be so hard to keep up with everything.  And while a family calendar goes a long way toward  making life a little more manageable, to-do lists have to rank second on my list of best ways

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Friday Freebie and Flash Sale Alert

Happy Friday!     In keeping with the Not Back To School Blog Hop Extras I promised you, today I’m very excited to bring you this FREE set of color posters.  I had so much fun making these.  Take

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Fun Ideas Friday: Kids Bowl Free!

Looking for some fun on a rainy day?  Don’t want to spend a lot of money doing it? Visit!  Bowling alleys across the country are participating in this very incredible deal

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Fun Friday: Place Value… Ready For Hundreds?

Here’s another set of fun sheets for you.  These have the children look at illustrations of base 10 blocks and figure out what number they should be.  This set includes hundreds!  The first two

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Extra Fun Friday! Fun With Letters

I saw a cute idea on The First Grade Parade where she took letter tiles, spelled words and then put the tiles for each word inside a cute little heart shaped box.  At center time, her children were asked

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Fun Friday: Place Value Fun

My kids are loving place value work!  It’s hardly work at all, they like it so much!  So I’m including it here as a fun Friday idea. 🙂 I have some fun worksheets for you, where the children

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Fun Friday: Ready, Set, Spell

We use All About Spelling and my kiddo’s just love going up to the magnetic board to move those letter tiles around to spell their words.  It really does a great job of helping them learn to visuallize

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