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Valentine’s Day Free Treats for You!

We LOVE to play fun Valentine’s Day Games every February, and even my big kids enjoy playing these games

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4 Tips For Successfully attending conventions WITH CHILDREN! Yes... It really CAN be done! And you can all have fun, learn a lot, and come home inspired.

4 Tips For Successfully Attending Conventions With Children!

One of the most extravagant displays of education for a homeschooling parent is a convention. Whether you live close to one and go yearly, whether you travel a distance to check out different conventions,

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Is It Even Possible To Keep House AND Homeschool?

I’ll admit it right here out loud to the world: I was already on rocky ground when it came to housekeeping BEFORE we ever even had kids.  There are a lot of reasons why, but I just never managed

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Are You A PROUD Homeschooler? (ENDS IN 24 HRS!)

It’s not an easy road, this homeschooling life. But it sure can be an amazingly beautiful one!  If you’re a proud homeschooler, would you consider wearing one of these shirts?  A local

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Music Games: Start Reading Music!

Little Learning Lovies has a few music games for you and we’ll be adding more in the coming weeks.  Our recent article about learning to play an instrument through self instruction inspired us to

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More FREE Gumball Math… (No. I Can’t Seem To Stop!)

Gosh I’m having a BLAST with this theme. You know I write for a few other blogs, right?  I create extra games and share them around the web, but I always feel guilty about it.  I feel like YOU

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The Perfect Homeschool {… and why it’s perfectly okay if yours isn’t}

Dear Homeschooling Momma, Do you feel it? That pressure to be better?  That expectation that whatever you’re doing must be spectacular? The fear that someone will realize you’re not as together

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5 fun-filled days studying the butterfly life cycle this spring!

You CAN Teach The Butterfly Life Cycle In Just 5 Days!

Spring is here at last and it’s the perfect time to introduce our young children to the butterfly life cycle! It’s also the perfect time to add some fun into our lessons to keep our kids

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Homeschooling With A Baby: Part 2

Hey Mama!  Do you have a new little one in your family?  Is Baby making homeschooling seem like some vague memory you can sometimes recall through your sleep-deprived fog?  Have you shut down into survival

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A Homeschool Confrontation In The Grocery Line At Noon

It happened.  I feared this very thing for quite some time and I thought I had all my responses prepared.  Most people we meet when we are out at unconventional hours for school-aged chidlren are kind

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Science supplies

41 Essential Science Supplies to Keep on Hand + Printable

  It’s so easy to say “Well, we don’t have the supplies for this so lets skip it for now.”  And then… later never comes and the science experiment your kids were so

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The Most Anti-American Argument Against Homeschooling

Not Part Of The Solution… The Most Anti-American Argument Against Homeschooling

I ran across this article today and it made my blood boil.  I mean, there are plenty of arguments out there against homeschooling, most of which seem to be fabricated out of personal fears rather than

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What Subjects Do You Teach?

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Little Learning Lovies is wondering… What Subjects Do You Teach in your homeschool? Why do we want to know? Well… We have been asked to make tags like our Workbox

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4 Weeks To An Organized Homeschool Week 4 Unit Studies And Student Responsibility

4 Weeks To An Organized Homeschool: Unit Studies & Student Responsibility

A note from Sandra… Yvie is taking over our 4 Weeks To An Organized Homeschool series today sharing some great tips on how to use unit studies to make learning more fun for your kiddos!  If you

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4 Weeks To An Organized Homeschool: Week 3 - Reevaluating

4 Weeks To An Organized Homeschool: Week 3 – Reevaluating

Welcome to Week 3 of our 4 week series on organizing your homeschool.  This week, we’re reevaluating our plans and making sure everything is working as we want it to.  If you missed Week 1 or Week

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Try some of these fun penguin crafts to cheer up your home this winter!

14 Penguin Crafts to Make this Winter

We’ve rounded up 14 Penguin Crafts to make this winter.  We LOVE penguins here at Little Learning Lovies and we hope you do, too! After Christmas ends, there’s still a long winter ahead here

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4 Weeks To An Organized Homeschool: Week 2 – Weekly Lesson Planning

Welcome to 4 Weeks To An Organized Homeschool: Week 2 – Weekly Lesson Planning!  If you missed Week 1, we talked about organizing all those supplies (and you can read all about that here!). Weekly

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Homeschooling with a Newborn. Tips from the trenches! at Little Learning Lovies

Homeschooling with a Newborn

Homeschooling With A Newborn… I knew that homeschooling my two older children, ages 8 and 11, this year was going to be a bit of a challenge. Their baby sister was born towards the end of August,

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4 Weeks To An Organized Homeschool: Week 1 - Materials

Four Weeks To An Organized Homeschool: Week 1 – Materials

Welcome to our first week of Four Weeks To An Organized Homeschool. The contributors of Little Learning Lovies are teaming up to bring you this fun series to help bring off the rest of this homeschooling

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NEW Alphabet Boxables SET – Fun From A to Z!

Alphabet Boxables Set from Little Learning Lovies is HERE! This is a huge set with a value of $72 that we have just put into the store for about 80% off! Bright, fun colors, sweet illustrations to reinforce

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