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Teach your children to love science with these easy tips

5 Tips for Developing a Love of Science

Studying science with young kids is fascinating, fun, and an absolute blast! Use these 5 tips to get the most

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5 fun-filled days studying the butterfly life cycle this spring!

You CAN Teach The Butterfly Life Cycle In Just 5 Days!

Spring is here at last and it’s the perfect time to introduce our young children to the butterfly life cycle! It’s also the perfect time to add some fun into our lessons to

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Science supplies

41 Essential Science Supplies to Keep on Hand + Printable

  It’s so easy to say “Well, we don’t have the supplies for this so lets skip it for now.”  And then… later never comes and the science experiment your

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Science Curriculum We LOVE {And It’s Half Price Right Now!}

Science curriculum can be such a tricky thing to pick out.  Some love teaching from a very biased perspective, some seem to be a random collection of experiments with no real substance, and some are well

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The Science Of Seagulls

Do you like to read with your children? I know I do. We read all sorts of books.  Sometimes I pick out the books, sometimes my lad does.  Recently my son picked out a book about seagulls. It brought

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Learning about nature using technology

Annette, from “A Net In Time” blog shares a fun tip today about including technology in your schooling and it’s not in the way you might think!  Thanks for sharing this, Annette!  🙂 

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FREE Clip Cards – Animals Of Australia

We have a NEW FREEBIE for you today, but before I show that to you, I want to tell you about an incredible sale we have going on right now. The SALE: Just about everything at Little Learning Lovies is

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Learn about space with Unit Studies and Lovie Packs

Unit Studies About Space

Note: There are affiliate links in the post.  These links help us earn a small bit of income while we share great resources with you.  IT doesn’t cost you any extra and LLL only recommends products

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The Solar System – Books To Use

*Note: This post contains affiliate links.  This means that if you make a purchase through a link in this post, the retailer may send me a small percentage at no extra cost to you.  These links help

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Animal Jam {Free!}

The folks at National Geographic have a fun new game for your kids to explore.  Adopt a pet and explore the forests of Animal Jam!   Completely free to play!  (Though they do have a membership option.)   NOTE: 

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Doing A Nature Study – { Part 1 }

Nature Study Just what is nature study? It can be so many things.  A walk in the park, a trip through the bush, a guided tour at the local nature park.   It can be a trip to the zoo, and a gander around

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Congratulations HSG! 24,000 Likes Celebration

Homeschool Giveaways And Freebies is such a GREAT site run by an AWESOME lady and I’m proud to be a part of it all. Did you know that Little Learning Lovies shares free printables there several times

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