September 19

5 Tips for Developing a Love of Science


Studying science with young kids is fascinating, fun, and an absolute blast! Use these 5 tips to get the most out of your science studies together.

Teach your children to love science through these 5 easy tips

Develop a Love of Science

1. Lots of science experiments

Plan to do lots of science experiments with your children; these are the heart and soul of science. Ask questions, do experiments, explore, and enjoy hands-on studies. Spend time looking at worms, following ants to their hives, and dissecting flowers. Experiments fascinate children and help develop a love of science.

2. Interesting science books

Use interesting science books for your studies instead of boring textbooks. Browse your library shelves, pick up Usborne books, and ask friends for their children’s favorite science books. Magic School Bus books do a wonderful job of mixing science facts with a fun story.

3. Nature hikes

Take weekly nature hikes with your children. Show them the science concepts you’re studying such as clouds, rocks, habitats, plants. Pick flowers to dissect, start a rock collection, and keep a nature journal. Be sure to pack the backpacks with snacks, water, a journal, and art supplies to record the fascinating sites you see.

4. Backyard square

Use string to mark a square in your backyard that is a yard by yard. Watch the square and see what happens inside it. Do you find bird tracks or deer tracks? What plants grow in the square? See what happens to the square as the seasons change.

5. Ask questions – research and find out

As you’re learning about the world, taking nature hikes, studying your backyard square, and doing experiments, ask questions. Why are the leaves turning brown? Why does the moon change shape? Why are these rocks different colors and textures. Discuss your ideas of what the answers might be, then research the answers. Do experiments. [tweetthis]Pretend to be real scientists investigating a scientific principle.[/tweetthis].

Most importantly, have fun with your children. Let them see your curiosity and enthusiasm for the subject, and your kids will learn to love science.

Teach your children to love science with these easy tips

What is your favorite science activity?



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