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Learning about nature using technology

Annette, from “A Net In Time” blog shares a fun tip today about including technology in your schooling and it’s not in the way you might think!  Thanks for sharing this, Annette!  🙂  ~ Sandra

Low tech and higher tech… technology helps us learn about nature.  🙂

Do you see this?

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This is a book my son and I are currently reading.  In this book an eclipse happens which totally freaks out the clan of cats!


And my boy asks, “Mom, why are the cats so scared?  The sun came back!!   Why did the sun disappear anyways, Mom, what happened?”

It just so happened that I had two things with me.

  1. A book that was describing how the moon rotates around the earth (purposeful design)  and
  2. My cell phone.  🙂

Between the two I was able to show my son just what happened, and was able to tell him that one time I saw this happen as well.

Another Gift For You!

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He was SO impressed!

I have to admit.. I love my cell phone.

When I need help defining, teaching, showing something I pull it out.

DSCF1051 (Medium)

And before I know it I can answer ALL of my son’s questions.

From “What is a solar eclipse” to “How often they happen” to “Where they happen” and “why”.

It’s amazing all the knowledge I can have at my finger tips. Whether I am at home or away.

It’s funny.. it’s gotten to the point that if my lad wants to know something he just asks to use my phone and says “ok google _______________”.   The answer (as long as we are near wifi) comes up almost immediately.    One of the lovely things about it is that it will often say the most pertinent facts as well.   I dearly love my phone for this reason alone.  🙂

So I encourage you to (if you can) use your phone to help answer those immediate questions.  Keep your children curious. 🙂

If you want to know more about Solar Eclipses, here are some resources you may wish to check out.

Have fun learning.  🙂

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