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Science Curriculum We LOVE {And It’s Half Price Right Now!}

Science curriculum can be such a tricky thing to pick out.  Some love teaching from a very biased perspective, some seem to be a random collection of experiments with no real substance, and some are well organized by so dry that they completely turn kids off from the fun of learning science.

Not so with Mr. Q!

If you haven’t discovered him yet, I highly recommend you go explore Mr. Q and his science curriculum for homeschoolers. His curriculum is fun, engaging, mixes reading and workbook activities with interesting experiments that kids can usually do on their own (which my kids LOVE), and best of all, you can try him out with one full topic for free!  It’s a years worth of science lessons totally free!


My kids LOVE how he sprinkles little comics and jokes throughout his lessons.  He does a great job of breaking up the information into just the right sized chunks to be entertaining, and to really stick, instead of overwhelm.

Why am I sharing about this science curriculum now?

I know… It’s not traditional “curriculum buying” season, but Mr. Q has a great sale RIGHT NOW that will allow you to get any of his curriculum books for half price!  Normally $50 each, this is a great moment to grab a set.  I think he only does this once or twice per year, so if you’re in the market for a really amazing and thorough curriculum that your kids will BEG to do (mine literally jump for joy when I say it’s science time!) please take advantage of this sale!


Another Gift For You!

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VALID JANUARY 11th through JANUARY 18th 2015


I’m using this opportunity to get the Physical Science book for my kids.  They are so excited that they can’t WAIT to start it this week.

Each book comes with the student texts AND a teacher book that has experiments and quizzes and all that fun stuff in it.


How we use the Mr. Q Classic Science Books:

Mondays the kids work together, reading out loud to each other from the student text.  Then they work together on the worksheets included at the end of each chapter.  If they don’t finish all the worksheets on Monday, that’s okay.. They can work on them another day (Tues or Thurs as schedule allows).

Then Wednesday and Friday are Experiment Days!  We use the teachers book and go through the experiments.  They all relate to the chapter we read on Monday and serve to illustrate the information already discussed.

At the end of each unit, we DO take his unit tests as a way of checking to see what the kids remember.  They do their best and then we discuss any mistakes they made along the way and review vocabulary that might have not stuck as well as we hoped.

If You Buy…

Mr Q is sweet about this… If you buy a book from him, can you please let him know I sent you by filling out his referral form here

I know it’s an extra step, but it does help my family out a BUNCH because he’ll allow us a free book for every three referrals we send his way.  But nothing is automatic for that… So you’d have to fill out the form for us to get credit for referring you.  THANK YOU in advance for helping my family progress through his curriculum! ♥

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Gracie says 6 years ago

My girls love this free Life Science curriculum. I would like to purchase the rest of the science but I cannot find the price anywhere. Does anyone know how much the other cost? I know they are half off right now. Thanks for any help in advance. Blessings!!

    Sandra Modersohn says 6 years ago

    Hi Gracie,

    Each book is usually $50 but they are all $25 right now! TO get them, just click on the ‘shopping cart’ link at the top and find the ones you want. They all come with a BIG parent book as well as the student text. Awesome stuff. ENJOY!

Sheri says 6 years ago

This curriculum is fantastic! I tried making my own life science course for my 2nd grader and gave up. I am so impressed that he is offering this one for FREE! We will definitely be trying it out – thank you! I’ve been homeschooling 18 years and never came across this curriculum!

    Sandra Modersohn says 6 years ago

    I KNOW! I was so excited to have found this program a few years ago. We LOVE it. If you think you’re going to want the next book(s) he only runs this sale once a year, though SOMETIMES he runs it near Black Friday, too… But this mid-January sale is pretty much it! He’s like, the best kept science secret for homeschoolers. 🙂 (By the way, I’m not an affiliate… I just really love this guys books)

Anna Krug says 6 years ago

I’m having a hard time figuring out what grades these are for. How is “elementary” defined? Is there anything for middle school, or just elementary and high school?

    Sandra Modersohn says 6 years ago

    Great question…. For our part, I find the elementary ones to be really great for 2nd – 5th grades. A kid who can read well can learn from the fun style of these books. He currently does not have anything for middle school, BUT: I have heard from other folks that the high school stuff is really written more for late middle school. And, bonus, he’s working on more of these books. So in the future, he will have more texts to fill in the in-between years.

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