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library organization

A Library Organization System You’ll Never Use

I have a unique system for my library organization. As a homeschooling family we often check out tons of books

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How to Teach your Preschooler to Feed the Dog

When my boys were toddlers, they were constantly in the dog bowls.  There was something so appealing to them about picking up the food bits and dropping them in the water.  There was something so fun

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Daily Routine Helper Cards {FREE!}

This freebie has expired! (FIND MORE FREEBIES HERE) But you can still go grab a set of these cards for a very small fee!  Your purchase helps directly support this site along with the home education of

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Chore Systems 2 Ways… Fun Motivation for You AND Your Kids!

  I have 2 big ideas for you today!  I’ve noticed that mixing up the chore routine really helps keep everyone motivated (including me!) so if you already have a chore system going, you might want

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