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A Library Organization System You’ll Never Use

I have a unique system for my library organization. As a homeschooling family we often check out tons of books on topics like the solar system. It’s vital we have a good library organization system. Mine is a simple system that works for my moderately large family, but people argue with me about why it’s a lousy system.

It's a simple but effected library organization system. It works and works well.

My Simple System for Library Organization

1. No Library Cards Until Eleven

I do not allow my children to have their own library card until they’re eleven. The mere thought of tracking bunches of library cards, library numbers, holds, and books checked out on different accounts gives me a headache. Nope, I’m a mean mama here. No library card until my children turn eleven.

It’s given my family a surprising benefit. Receiving their first library card is a right of passage. My children walk to the librarians with gleaming eyes, fill out the forms, and receive a card to put in their shiny new wallet. The card becomes their responsibility, and they can check out as many books as the library will allow. After growing up under rule two below, checking out as many books as they want is a long anticipated privilege.

2. You Can Check Out as Many Books as You Have Years

Until the children receive their first card at eleven, I control the number of books they’re allowed to check out… which is their age. I’ve found a one year old can carry one book. A two year old can handle two books. A five year old can carry and keep track of five books. A ten year old can carry and track ten books.

Another Gift For You!

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Way back when I established this rule, the children were losing their books. They were checking out too many books for them to carry, but I was checking out homeschooling books and couldn’t help. More importantly we couldn’t find the books when it came time for our  weekly library trip. No one could remember how many books were checked out or where the books were. Since I don’t want to limit library book reading to a specified reading area, I decided to limit the number of books checked out to the child’s age.

It’s worked wonderfully! We know how many books each child under eleven have checked out. The children are able to find their library books before we leave for the library, especially as I only allow them to check out as many as they turned in! My children become motivated to be responsible for their library books.

My library organization has given me a marvelous method of giving my children gradually increasing responsibility without burdening them.

What is your library organization system?

library organization

About the Author Sara Dennis

Sara Dennis is a homeschooling mother of 6 children ages 4 through 18. After much research into homeschooling in 2000, she and her husband fell in love with classical education and used it as the foundation for their homeschool. Sara Dennis blogs at Classically Homeschooling.

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Pamela says 4 years ago

My three boys do have their own library cards. We go to the library about once a week. After our trip I print out the page that shows what books each has checked out. I resort by how many renewals are left for each book. They then try to read those that will be due first. They each have a shelf in their rooms for only library books. I have three bins on our upstairs landing with the checked out printed list on a clipboard in the bins. As they read, they check off the book and place in their bin. They have their own library bags also. On library day, I double check that the due books have been read and any we are returning are checked off…and that we have accounted for all of them. They load up their bags, and we head off to the library to start the process all over again.

    Sandra Modersohn says 4 years ago

    That’s fantastic! I love it…. We have lost a few books throughout the past couple of years because I’ve gotten lax about it all. My fault. But the kids sure are old enough to be responsible for them now. lol Thanks for this tip! I might use parts of it to tweak our own routine!

Angie says 5 years ago

Our library has a receipt sized print out. I keep those and check off what gets turned in early. When they turn five, they get a library card. If they lose it, they pay for it. If there is a fine, they pay the fine.

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