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Too Serious – Being Fun Isn’t Failure

It’s a heavy burden, this parenting gig.  Sometimes it’s near impossible to take the longer view and see that the troubles of the moment will resolve into memories.  And sometimes that longer view can be scary when you think that the bad moment you’re living through right now will shape the character of your sweet children.  Will the mistakes made today ruin their future?  Will they even survive this moment to HAVE a future?  ( 😉 )


It’s enough to make a momma turn much too serious about everything.  I’m guilty of this at times.  More times than I’d care to admit out loud.  I forget that the character of my children is built on a million moments, not just the one we’re dealing with right now.  I forget to lighten up, let loose a little, and have fun!

The Chore Dilemma

Of course we all have housework that needs doing and we have kids who should be helping, right?  I don’t know of anyone who loves household chores but they don’t have to be a reason to get mad at the kids.  Wouldn’t we all love our children to naturally jump up, eager to wash the toilet for us?  lol  We need to teach them to be cheerful about it.  And to do that, we need to be fun ourselves!

Did you know that you don’t HAVE to be mad to get the kids to help with chores?  Amazingly, it’s true! You don’t have to yell at them to get them to clean their room or do their school work.  You don’t have to flip out because there are legos on the floor… again.  I mean, you COULD go nuts.  But try this instead: Be fun.


Well… There are blocks on the floor?  Okay.  They aren’t blocks.  They are berries!  Yes! Special magic berries that we must collect and feed to the block bin, which will transform into a big beautiful butterfly/dragon/horse/whatever when we feed it enough of these berries!  Or perhaps they are poisonous!  Yes!  And if we touch them we will fall fast asleep.  So we put on a glove and pick them all up quickly to save the household from them!

Games like these teach your children not only to view chores as a fun experience, but to use their imaginations to make difficult situations much less stressful.

Another Gift For You!

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Let’s try another scenario…  What if your ten year old doesn’t want to practice those spelling words?  How can you be FUN?  Instead of demanding that they just suck it up and do it, how can you be the FUN MOM?  Turn it into a game!  Try putting the alphabet on the wall.  Call out a word and have your child hit the letters as she shouts them.   Or go to a dark place with a flashlight or laser light and let her draw the letters on the wall with the light.   Or chant them together into a song!

And, dear momma, it’s NOT all about getting stuff done in a fun way.  Sometimes, you need to just have fun for the fun of it!  Be silly.  Play games.  Make us stories. Do something unexpected.  Sometimes you need to let go of that to-do list and allow the fun to happen!

What If I’m Not That Creative…

Momma, I get it.  This sort of thinking takes practice!  In the beginning, you’ll probably need to say “Hang on… let me go figure out a way to make this fun” and then you’ll pop online and search for “fun ways to do the dishes”  or “fun ways to practice state capitals” etc.  After a while you can start coming up with ideas yourself that work well for your family.  And eventually, you’ll be able to say “Sweet darling, I know you’re having a tough time finding the joy in this chore we’re working through.  Tell me, how can we make it fun?”

And then, Momma, you let yourself have fun!  

I promise, this isn’t a failure on your part.  Your children won’t suddenly break.  Their future won’t become a mess simply because you allowed fun into your every day.  I promise!  Instead, you’ll find your kids enjoy their time with you, they look forward to working with you and they learn vital coping skills for their future adult life.  What a GIFT to give them!  And what a beautiful memory to give yourself!

Have fun, Momma.  And, as always, ENJOY!



One more thing, Momma!

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