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4 Weeks To An Organized Homeschool: Week 1 - Materials

Four Weeks To An Organized Homeschool: Week 1 – Materials

Welcome to our first week of Four Weeks To An Organized Homeschool.

The contributors of Little Learning Lovies are teaming up to bring you this fun series to help bring off the rest of this homeschooling year in some organized peace.  Sound too good to be true?  I know.  But we can DO this!   Homeschool life can be so much easier when we’re working in an organized homeschool!

(I want you to share your progress in the comments so we can all take steps together. Okay?  And think “Progress Not Perfection!“)


This week we are going to talk about all those materials we end up with. Let’s take stock of what we have. Spend a little time every day this week going through everything and deciding what do to with it. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind.

There’s lots to do, so let’s get started.

Are You Using It Now?

If this is a material that you are actually using right now for one or more of your children, put it in a place where it’s easily accessible. If you have one or can afford one, I highly recommend having a tall bookshelf that’s just for homeschool materials. Bins and boxes can hold manipulatives and books, of course, will find their home easily.

Are You Saving It For A Young Child To Grow Into?

If you have younger children who will eventually need to use this material you’re sorting, but they aren’t ready for it yet, it’s a good idea to start a box for things you’re saving for later. You can use sturdy cardboard boxes (like bankers boxes) and label them with the age/grade and even list what’s in the box. This way it will be a simple thing later to find just what you need. Finding a place to store these boxes can be tricky, but a shelf in a closet could do the job. My current plan is to install a new shelf over my washer/dryer and keep them up there. If you don’t have space for that, consider an under-the-bed storage system. You can get cardboard or plastic boxes designed to slide under the bed. Since you won’t need to access the materials all the time, this is a great place to store them.

Another Gift For You!

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Did You LOVE Using This Resource?

This is one of the most important questions to ask as you sort. Was this resource LOVED by you and the children who used it? This isn’t always an indicator of it’s appeal to your younger children, but if you and your child didn’t enjoy using this resource, you may want to pass it on instead of storing it any longer. Don’t waste your precious storage space on materials you aren’t thrilled about using!

Did You MEAN To Use This Resource, But Haven’t Gotten To It?

I know I can’t be the only one with good intentions that get pushed aside in the rush of the days and weeks as they fly by. Surely I’m not the only one who has great books, projects and ideas that have never seen the light of a school day?
If you have any materials like this, I want you to make a special space, either a shelf or a bin or a box, to put them all in. And then I want you to write them into your school schedule right now! Make a real plan to use these materials. Your children will love it. And so will you! These unused materials are sitting there nagging at you in the back of your mind even when you don’t realize it. They are a weight that can cause all kinds of guilt. What a joy it is to finally DO the things you’ve wanted to do!

Okay… Do you have those ideas in mind? GREAT!

Grab some bins and boxes… Make a space, if you don’t have one already, that is JUST for homeschool materials and start sorting. Be honest about each item. If you don’t love it AND use it (or have a real plan to use it) Don’t Keep It! You’ll make lots of room for new, fun materials that way! ♥


REMEMBER: You don’t have to be perfect in what you’re doing!  Any few minutes you can spend on this will be a huge blessing to your homeschooling.


Don’t miss out on the rest of this series!

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Let us know which week was most helpful to you!

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Jill S says 5 years ago

Suggestions for a ‘new’ homeschooler, I have a young toddler so I can’t put anything down low, but we don’t have a dedicated space yet. 6 year old just pulled from Kindergarten, 3 year old studying letters. I did the same type of thing when my older one was not yet in public school, but less organized. We have so many supplies from the kids’ birthdays (individual kits of things, extra long construction paper that won’t fit in a box, various flashcards, decks of cards, and I’d like to invest in other things if I can, I’ve been printing out worksheets, copying unit study book ideas, downloading materials, etc. etc. and I’ve cleared out one vertical file bin to try and store some of the topics)… I’ve read a ton of books, but I’m not even really sure where to start for organization. We bought a box with a lid for markers because then it can be put away, and their crayons are in zip top bags right now. Does anyone put everything away and get it all back out again, or does it just live on their kitchen table? They use dry erase a lot so it’s a lot of pulling stuff in and out of sheet protectors and I’m just not sure how to organize it so it is functional on a daily basis. The 6 year old might do 2 or 3 worksheets while the younger one is doing letter practice, then we read in the living room, so it might only need to be out for an hour, but there’s no real ‘spot’ to put stuff, either.

We read a lot of library books and are just piecing things together right now, but don’t have a purchased curriculum and may not for a while since the kids are so small. We have considered building a kitchen cabinet unit with countertop into the dining room wall since we have no storage that’s not a closet, but of course that’s a big outlay of cash. Any suggestions would be helpful. We’re drowning in coloring books, etc. just piled in a giant basket but they would have to climb on a chair to reach it. That’s not useful, but it keeps the toddler out of it..

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