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Broken & Blessed

My friend is moving.

My dear friend is following the blaring-neon “RUN THIS WAY” sign that God has set out in front of her. She’s bravely following a path she wouldn’t have chosen for herself, trusting that the Lord has bigger plans and will do amazingly good works through her obedience.

But that’s her story to tell. (And, oh, is it a good one!) Someday, when the dust settles and she’s got her feet back under her, she’ll write about it. Because that’s what she does! And I’ll link this to her story.

But on my end… my friend is moving.

My dear friend is moving over 1000 miles away. This amazing woman and her family are picking up and leaving to follow a plan that removes them from doing life with me and my family.

I’m broken.

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I don’t think I even realized how important she is in my life until she told me she wouldn’t be here anymore. I have looked up to her since the moment I met her years ago in our homeschool group. And I got to know her and build a true friendship with her when God laid our paths out to cross again last year at church.

I’m broken, mourning the loss of plans and paths we laid for ourselves that won’t be traveled together.

But I am so blessed.

When she told me she was moving, I drove home crying, great heaving sobs. And all I could do was thank God.

I thanked our Lord for her friendship and guidance. I have learned so much from her. I thanked him for helping her know for sure that this crazy out-of-the-blue thing she’s about to do is the right thing. I thanked Him for allowing me to be a witness to His amazing work in her life.

Because it’s possible, dear friends, to be broken and blessed at the same time. It’s possible to be excited and scared, sad and joyful, even mournful and hopeful.

I am a better person for having been so close to her this past year. And I’m so grateful for everything I’ve learned from her.

I am broken and blessed.

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