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7 Ingenious Ways to Organize Supplies for Arts and Crafts

Are you looking for some fun ideas to organize supplies for arts and crafts? Preferably ideas that don’t break the bank? A way to keep children entertained on a rainy afternoon?

Here are fun ideas to organize supplies for arts and crafts using items you have laying around the house already!

 7 Ingenious ways to organize supplies for arts and crafts

7 Ingenious Ways To Organize Supplies for Arts And Crafts

1. Canning Jars ~ Do you have a collection of canning jars around the house from the days when you canned? Canning jars make great organizing containers. You can fill them with crayons, colored pencils, erasers, scissors, glue sticks, and paints.

Glass jars can also be painted. Put flowers, rainbows, and animals on the jars. Let the toddlers splatter them with color. You’ll end up with fun containers holding their precious crayons!

2. Coffee cans ~ Coffee cans of all sizes make excellent storage containers for arts and crafts supplies. These also work very well for the items such as paints, pinecones, glue sticks, and play dough.

Coffee cans are wonderful to paint and keep children entertained for a long period of time as they cover every square inch in their favorite color.

3. Boxes ~ After Christmas, many of us have boxes coming out of our ears.  Put the boxes to use as storage containers holding coloring books, play dough supplies, construction paper, and rulers.

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Allow the children to spend an afternoon decorating the boxes. They can glue paper, pompoms, and glitter to the boxes before plastering stickers all over. They’ll be original storage boxes decorating your shelves!

4. Pencil bags in a binder ~ Another fun idea is to take old pencil bags and put them in a large 3 ring binder. These pencil bags can hold crayons, scissors, compasses, glue, colored pencils, water colors, and more.

The binders can be decorated with decorative tape and permanent markers. Label the binders. Draw pictures of the supplies within it and highlight with the decorative tape.

5. Spice rack ~ Old spice racks work well for holding small containers of glitter, stars, and other small crafting supplies. You can use empty spice containers to hold small items such as googly eyes and beads, or simply insert small containers of glitter.

Paint the rack your favorite color. The spice containers look lovely showing off the items inside. When the children sit down to do their favorite crafts, put the rack in the middle of the table. Everyone can spin and find the needed item!

6. Cans ~ Instead of tossing cans into the recycling, use them to store art supplies! Be sure to file down any rough edges so you and the children don’t get injured.

The cans are rather ugly, so spend a quiet afternoon painting and decorating the cans. Paint them different colors, add flowers, or splatter them with a wide array of colors.

7. Vases and decorative jars ~ If you have a lovely collection of vases or decorative jars in the house, show them off and organize supplies at the same time. This is an elegant method of displaying your collection and keeping it from being clutter!

Organize Supplies in innovative and beautiful ways.

As you can tell, arts and crafts supplies can be so fun to organize. Use various sizes of containers lying around the house, and if it leaves a bit to be desired on the artistic side, decorate it!

It’s also a wonderful way to entertain the children on a wet or cold afternoon. Lay out newspapers, collect storage containers, paint, glue, stickers, googly eyes, etc. and let the children decorate to their hearts’ content.

What’s your favorite arts and crafts storage container?

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