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THIS … Is Homeschooling (#1)

Not long ago, I asked you all to help me out with something… I wanted you to send me some pictures of your kids doing their homeschooling thing so I could share them here.  I wanted to help debunk some scary myths about homeschoolers (learning from only a single viewpoint, never having their ideas challenged etc) and so far I have gotten a few families sending me pictures.

Here is our FIRST installment of “This Is Homeschooling”

Submitted by Billy Jo.

Submitted by Billy Jo.

My name is Billy Jo Reed and I am a first time homeschooling mom. I am sending you a few of my favorite pictures. Some are from our trip in Freedom, Oklahoma. We are from Ada, Oklahoma. We went to the Alabaster Caverns with their home school group to learn about the Alabaster caves. We drove over 400 miles for that trip and the other one is a day with their homeschooling group at the water park. Just for a Day of fun. I hope this helps.


You can help us, too!

Send your picture(s) to me at with “This Is Homeschooling” in the subject line.  Include a little information about the pictures, about your homeschooling experience etc and we just might publish it here!  (If we do, we’ll send you a gift from LLL, too!)

PLEASE NOTE: When you email your pictures to LLL, you are giving us the right to publish your pictures and your story here.  Thank you! (We won’t use your pictures for anything else without asking you first!)

Happy Homeschooling! ♥


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