October 13

New “Boxable” Game for Halloween Themed Word Building

File Folder Games, But Better!

I love file folder games for their ability to make concrete topics accessible and easy to practice.  My kids love them because, well, they are just plain fun!  But you know what I don’t like about them?  They use up a ton of supplies, like folders and glue, they take up too much space on a table, so that if more than one child is working with a game, they kind of overlap each other, and there’s almost never a spot to safely keep the pieces with the game.

So I created a fun new way to enjoy all the great things about file folder games without all the troubles.

I call them “Boxables”.

Why?  Well, because they fit ever-so-neatly into our boxes that you can print and assemble.  Yes.  Boxes from your printer!  Take a look at some of them HERE.

Our original Boxable Games were still a little heavy on the use of glue to assemble them, but we do have quite a lot of them.  They come with their own folder that you print, then put the game mats inside.  They also come with an envelope that you attach to the back to hold all the pieces.

Then I came up with a new ‘paper saver’ design!  I LOVE this version because there is barely any gluing involved (just three little strips of glue stick will do it, or even a bit of double sided tape!) and it takes just 2 sheets of paper per game!  (including the game pieces and envelope!)

Ready to try it out?

How about you take our brand new game for a test spin?  I know you’ll love it! (and if you REALLY don’t love it, let me know within 7 days of purchase, and I’ll give you a store credit for it!  It’s only $2, just like ALL Of our Boxable Games and Boxes!  What do you have to lose???)

Halloween CVC Word Match (_AT and _IT words)


This game was designed for early readers who are just starting to sound out CVC type words.  I made sure that there would be no way for a child to make a wrong word.  They will always be successful no matter how they match these up.  And with a fun Halloween theme, this is the PERFECT moment to try this out! ♥


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