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What You Really Learn When Playing Piano

Recently, I wrote about music lessons and I encouraged you to let your kids learn on their own if you can’t afford lessons.

Now I want to share with you just a little bit about all the amazing things your kids will learn (and you will too, if you give yourself the chance!) as they practice playing the piano!

This info-graphic, created by Encore Music Studio, does a great job of showing you the benefits of studying an instrument, especially the piano!



So…. When are YOU going to start practicing? ♥

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Sandra Modersohn is a devoted wife, mother, and homeschooler. She loves great graphic design and has a passion for creating beautiful and useful printable materials for children. Little Learning Lovies where she shares her creations with the world. She can be found on Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest and, of course, at the Little Learning Lovies Blog and Store.

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Rosalind Jackson says 5 years ago

I teach piano/keyboard to elementary and middle school children. Where can I get this poster? It’s what we need in schools now. Administrators don’t understand the importance of any kind of music. (heavy sigh)

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