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Are You A PROUD Homeschooler? (ENDS IN 24 HRS!)

It’s not an easy road, this homeschooling life. But it sure can be an amazingly beautiful one!  If you’re a proud homeschooler, would you consider wearing one of these shirts

A local homeschool group here in our county is running a fundraiser through Tee Spring and they’d love your support.  The organization is a non-profit run entirely by volunteers so ever penny earned goes right to supporting activities and trips for the kids.



Aren’t these lovely?  They are the PERFECT thing to wear to a field trip… or if you dare to take your kids to the grocery store at noon!  🙂 

Your support would mean the world to these kids!  If you can buy one, that’s great!  If not, please consider sharing on Facebook or Twitter.

NOTE: These shirts are Ladies Adult Size.  This sale is ending in about 24 hours.  They’ll be running another sale soon with kids sizes.  🙂  THANK YOU!

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