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4 Weeks To An Organized Homeschool: Week 3 - Reevaluating

4 Weeks To An Organized Homeschool: Week 3 – Reevaluating

Welcome to Week 3 of our 4 week series on organizing your homeschool.  This week, we’re reevaluating our plans and making sure everything is working as we want it to.  If you missed Week 1 or Week 2, you may want to go back and read those first.

4 Weeks To An Organized Homeschool: Week 3 – Reevaluating

With the new year here, it’s that time to start taking stock on how far along you are in your homeschooling. Are you working at a good pace? Are you going to finish the curriculum by the end of the school year? Are your children learning, or are they frustrated? It is also time to think about things you want to do for the rest of the school year that maybe you didn’t think about doing at the beginning of the year.


At the beginning of January, I sat down with my children and asked them how they felt about their progress and about the curricula we were using. We made the decision to use a different curriculum for each of the children this year.

The curriculum we chose for my son was one we tried with him when he was much younger, and he didn’t like it as much. So, we made some adjustments and tried again because we didn’t feel the current curriculum was challenging him enough.

Despite getting a late start because I had a baby at the end of the summer, he is on track for finishing everything by the end of our school year, I had to go through and see where we could squeeze an extra lesson or two. Since he is comprehending everything well and not struggling with any of his subjects,  it was not an issue to combine anything.

With my daughter came a few challenges. She learns very differently from her brother which is why she is using a different curriculum from him. It is one that I used in the past, but I wasn’t sure if I was really happy with it. My daughter was worried that I was going to go back to using her other curriculum, so we sat down to figure out what to tweak. I didn’t like the math portion of her program, and she agreed. I looked in my homeschool library and found a few other math books for her grade and leafed through them with her.

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We decided to try a few of them to help make her more comfortable with what she needed to learn. Spelling has been an issue with her, and I wanted to figure out what the problem was. As it turns out, she can spell quite well…if she is doing it orally, that is. I decided that it might help to find some spelling apps and games to help her spell visually. I think these will boost her confidence and help her write better.

Including your child in the decision making process is a great way to encourage them to take ownership of their learning.

Since I already had to peruse my homeschool library to find supplementary materials for my daughter, I decided to take stock of things I might need to add to it. I keep my homeschool books, paper, and other supplies organized together. It had been a while since I had gone through everything, and I found to my delight that I had some fun drawing books that would be great for art class! With it being the middle of winter, I like to add a little more arts and crafts to my lesson planning to help combat those winter blues! I found I also had a large stash of construction paper that I did not even know existed. That is a good reason to check out your bins, drawers, and shelves mid-year. Sometimes we all buy things and then forget about them, so now is the time to see how much you have in craft supplies, construction paper, and writing paper. I have a habit of keeping scraps from other art projects and just throwing them in a bin. This is a good time to go through that bin and make sure that the scraps in there are re-usable or should just be thrown away.

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Time to Reevaluate Your Field Trip Plan

One other thing that is good to do for homeschooling this time of year is to sit down and think about the field trips you want to do for the rest of the school year.

  • Are there any museums you and your children want to visit?
  • Does your area provide any unique classes that your children might want to try?

When you have a bit of extra time, try sitting down and doing a Google search for activities in your area. Try checking out some parenting blogs that specialize in sharing events in your area to find out about hands on activities you may not have known existed.

Folks who live in the Shenandoah Valley region of Virginia might want to check out Page County Homeschoolers of Virginia for classes and field trips!  Find their website here and Facebook page here.

You can also go to museum websites and get put on their mailing list so that you find out about new exhibits or activities that will be happening soon. You might find some things to do that may not have been on your list when the school year started but complement what your children are learning.

4 Weeks To An Organized Homeschool: Week 3 - Reevaluating

Reevaluating helps make you feel better about what you are accomplishing this school year. Sometimes, it is easy to get down on yourself because you don’t feel your children are learning what they should and might be falling behind in their work. Taking stock of the curriculum will help you evaluate what you need to do to get back on track. If you organize your materials, you can find ways to keep the school day fresh, and adding some new field trip ideas will help create excitement for learning. You might be pleasantly surprised and find out that you really aren’t falling behind or that with a bit of tweaking you can get back on track for the second half of the school year!


Don’t miss out on the rest of this series!

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4 Weeks To An Organized Homeschool: Week 3 - Reevaluating










Let us know which week was most helpful to you!

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