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A Candy-Free Halloween Treet!

You can still be the “Fun House”

When I was little, there was a house my sisters and I always wanted to go to.  It was way at the top of a looooooong street that seemed to go on for miles and it was all up hill.  But we’d make the trek every year because the lady there would make cupcakes and candy apples and cookies.  It was totally worth it.

These days, though, with allergies and trust issues (I’m not sure I would let my own kids have homemade treats from a stranger, would you?) some folks want to stay away from giving out food at all.  And I can totally relate.

Homemade Monster Corner Bookmarks To The Rescue!

I love to read and I love to encourage young readers whenever possible!  So I made these fun Monster Corner Bookmarks that are seriously fun to use.  They look like a monster bit the corner of your page!   Take a look:

Tee hee!  These make me smile every time I look at them.

They are quick to cut out and glue up with a glue stick and if your kids are older (like 7 or 8 or more) you can just let them loose and have THEM make them all… If they are younger, you can do the cutting and let them do the gluing.  For ages 2-4 I also do the folding for them.

Here’s what we do:

Another Gift For You!

(Opens in a new window so you don’t lose your current page. ♥ ENJOY!)


  • Spend an afternoon making lots of these little guys.
  • Package 3 of them together in a snack sized bag
  • Cut strips of card stock the length of the bag by about 4″
  • Fold the strip in half lengthwise (so each side is about 2″ wide)
  • Have the kids draw “Happy Halloween!” on one side and a little note about how to use the bookmarks on the other
  • Staple this over the top of the snack bag.
  • Put them all in a basket.
  • Have fun giving them out!

Sometimes we let folks know AS we give them that they are corner bookmarks… Because if you’ve never used one before, it can look a little strange.  🙂

We also make extras to bring to the library where they put them out at the check-out desk for folks to take for free.  It’s a fun little community service project.

Not Into Monsters?  We have more options! ♥

Here’s a set that’s even EASIER to make!  No teeth (easier to cut) and no eyes to glue on (so they are even faster to make!)

Don’t want ghosts or witches?  How about THESE:

We have you covered too, if you’d like to give out AUTUMN themed bookmarks instead of monsters and goblins 🙂

Just click on any of those pictures to find the perfect bookmarks to give out this Halloween!

Want to see ALL of our Corner Bookmarks?  We have bugs, trains, Christmas and more! ♥


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