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Unit Studies About Space

Note: There are affiliate links in the post.  These links help us earn a small bit of income while we share great resources with you.  IT doesn’t cost you any extra and LLL only recommends products and services we really believe in.  We LOVE Amanda Bennett and her excellent unit studies and we hope you will to!

Learning About Space…

Our Lovie Pack this month is themed around cute little piggies who like to travel in rocket ships and explore the stars.

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Because I want to share with you about some beautiful and very well done unit studies that go very well with our Lovie Pack.  The one you just grabbed from the LLL store… 😉

Dear Amanda Bennett takes hours upon hours putting these things together and she charges hardly anything for them.  You REALLY get your moneys worth when it comes to her unit studies and we are REALLY lucky, because she has a few of them about space!

Another Gift For You!

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First up…. “Space” Unit Study

Space Unit Study By Amanda Bennett is recommended by Little Learning Lovies

In this “Space” unit study, your child will study “telescopes, remote telescopes in space (the Hubble), satellites that circle the Earth, probes that travel to the outer reaches of our solar system and beyond, orbiting observatories (the International Space Station), as well as space travel past, present, and future. We will learn about planets, stars, moons, meteors, constellations, galaxies, black holes, and so much more!”

I LOVE that the study is designed in two levels, one for elementary and one for middle/high school!  So everyone gets 4 weeks of lessons and learning together.

“Magnificent Moon” Unit Study

The Magnificent Moon Unit Study is shorter… just 5 days.  But so much is packed into the study that you’ll be an expert by weeks end.

Magnificent Moon Unit Study By Amanda Bennett, recommended by Little Learning LoviesIn “Magnificent Moon” you’ll study:

Day 1: What Exactly Is a Moon?
Day 2: Getting to Know the Moon
Day 3: The Story of the Moon
Day 4: Science Secrets of the Moon
Day 5: Cool Things About the Moon

A Free Printable from Little Learning Lovies

Not ready for those unit studies, or just want to add something fun to keep the 3 to 5 year old set learning?  Try this freebie from Little Learning Lovies.  Why?  Because shadow matches are serious learning fun!
Piggies in Space Shadow Match, Solar System, Outer Space FREE

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