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Following An Interest

Does your child have an interest in an animal or a plant or even a type of landform?

Well, I’m here today to encourage you to follow that interest.

Last summer I took along a study on ponds and lakes as the area we were going to had lots of both and I wanted to help my son understand the difference between them.

I read the lapbook on the way up, familiarized myself with some of the terminology and off we set.

August 6 vacation pics 228 (Medium)

August 6 vacation pics 673 (Medium)

How Instruction Turned To Genuine Interest…

We learned that ponds are smaller, shallower with more plants and lakes are larger, deeper with less plants.

The lad quickly learned that frogs can be found quite easily around ponds…and thus a love of ponds and a fascination with frogs and toads began.

He learned to build a miniature pond, in which he installed greenery, frogs and one small toad.  He caught lots of insects to feed them with and all was good.

Another Gift For You!

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.August 6 vacation pics 658 (Medium)

His love of frogs and toads has continued as has his knowledge of them, learning how to sex them, learning there are Cane Toads which are quite destructive when in their non-native habitat, which led to learning about invasive species and why folks are so careful now to not introduce non-native species.    Good intentions mean squat when destruction  takes over.    This led us to learning about bees and how we need to protect them from dangerous chemicals.

This I can see will lead into further study about why some chemicals are more dangerous than others.

Isn’t it neat where one bit of learning to can lead to continued learning as you follow interests?

QUESTION: Tell us about a time when a simple learning experience led to much deeper discussions and study…

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