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The Solar System – Books To Use

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Lets Learn About SPACE!

For many kids, learning about our solar system and beyond is a very exciting topic.  There are so many resources out there to use.

I’d like to take a moment now to highlight a few books I LOVE for young children as they learn about our solar system.

 National Geographic Little Kids First BIG Book Of Space

I LOVE this book for young learners because the whole thing starts from our perspective.  It begins by looking up from Earth and discussing what we can see before it pulls the reader into the solar system and then out into the vast universe beyond.  It’s 128 pages of beautiful illustrations with bites of information that serve to excite the imagination rather than overwhelm.  And best of all, the information is written in accessible language that allows early readers to enjoy the book on their own.

This book is certainly an important one to add to your home library!  It is something children can return to over and over again and learn from for years.  The publisher recommends this book for PreK through 3rd grade (isn’t that funny?  That’s exactly what we recommend our Lovie Packs for!)

National Geographic Kids Space Encyclopedia

If you have older kids (5th grade and up) or you want some extra reference, you can’t beat this book!
Published in 2013, this Space Encyclopedia does an excellent job of discussing new technologies and makes extensive use of the amazing images captured by NASA as well as beautiful artwork by the author.  The thick, glossy pages are begging to be turned to over and over again as children learn about the solar system and the incredible universe beyond.

The Planets In Our Solar System (Lets-Read-And-Find-Out Series)

This book is a great place to start off with young children.  A very basic introduction to the topic of our solar system, this book is full of ‘pegs’ to hang lots of new information on…
There are TONS of books out there and your local library likely has a lot to choose from on this fun topic.  I highly recommend you add the above to your own library, though, if your kids enjoy learning about space at all.

And I ALSO recommend getting out latest Lovie Pack!  Space themed games help with math and literacy as you enjoy learning about the solar system!

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