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Liberty’s Kids { $5 NOW on Amazon!}

 Liberty’s Kids – 40 Episodes of Revolutionary War History!

This 4-disc DVD set – 40 episodes of Liberty’s Kids –  is on sale right now for just $5 from Amazon!  (affiliate link)

I, for one, just ordered my copy and am eagerly awaiting it!  And I’m excited to discover that there is a companion website to go along with the series!

The Liberty’s Kids website has extra information, learning activities, games, notes and extensions for parents and teachers and so much more to help kids ages 7-12 delve deeper into the stories, issues and events of the American Revolution!

Here’s a bit more about the series right from their site:

Through the eyes of two young apprentice reporters named Sarah and James, viewers of Liberty’s Kids will go on adventures in search of the real stories of the American Revolution. Sarah is a proper British girl right off the ship from England and James, a fifteen-year-old apprentice, sees things from a cocky colonist’s perspective. They meet famous historical figures such as George Washington, plus other figures that should be, like Phillis Wheatley – a published poet while still enslaved. Although the setting is Colonial America, Liberty’s Kids’ characters find themselves in the middle of a revolution that confronts issues that still fill the newspapers today – gun control, downsizing government, lower taxes, freedom of the press, and race relations.

Sarah and James are followed around by eight-year-old Henri, a spirited immigrant from France. Moses, a former slave who freed himself, watches over them for his employer, the remarkable Benjamin Franklin, with whom we travel to Europe as he fights for recognition and assistance for the young nation.

The entire show is produced using high quality animation and creates an exciting world that today’s kids can jump into and discover the real stories of the incredible time that gave birth to the United States of America. Liberty’s Kids offers caretakers, from parents to teachers, an extraordinary resource through which they can share with young people the inspiring stories, characters, and values at the heart of America’s great experiment in democracy.

PLEASE tell me you’re going to take just $5 right now and go buy this series!  It is SO worth the small investment to have something like this in your video library for when you start learning about US history! ♥

And once you have these in hand, go visit the Liberty’s Kids website to really explore all that history.


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