June 29

{New} – Lovie Pack #11 is HERE!

Ah! Lovie Packs!

How I’ve MISSED these 🙂

Little Learning Lovies is very proud to present you with the latest edition of Lovie Packs.  This set is themed around space travel.  Specifically, space traveling pigs!

Before I show you all about them, you should know that somewhere in this post there’s a FREEBIE hiding for you AND… At the end… There’s a giveaway.  Just keep an eye out for them.  🙂



We divide up our game sets into to parts.  The first, our Tiny Lovie Pack, is designed for PreK through 1st graders.  This pack is $14 on it’s own (but you can save a few dollars by getting it in the bundle… Keep reading!)

  • Alpha Tracers
  • Counting Clip Cards
  • Strip Puzzles
  • Roll & Cover









PiggiesInSpace_AlphaTracers_Page_01 PiggiesInSpace_Counting_ClipCards_LLLMay2014-01








  • Dot Art (16 pages!)
  • Addition practice
  • Lacing cards
  • Coloring Pages











PiggiesInSpace_AdditionSheets-01 PiggiesInSpace_Coloring-01









  • BONUS – Reward charts

Reward Charts_Piggies In Space Theme_LLL-04What do you think of these?  When you buy the Tiny Lovie Pack on it’s own, it’s just $14 for all of these files (that works out to about $1.55 per file!)

Now let’s look at the freebie I have for you before we move on to the Little Lovie Pack! 🙂

A Special Freebie

I wanted you to be able to sample our Lovie Pack Theme with something free.  So I created this special file just for you.  Not only does it match the current Lovie Pack, it ALSO gives you a taste of our Boxable line of file folder games.  Have you heard of Boxables?   You can see more of those here.

Free Shadow Matching File Folder GameOur Boxable File Folder Games print with their own folders so you don’t even need to use up your office supplies to make them.  They are also a smaller size so they are very handy for traveling with.  And the conveniently fit in our printable boxes.  (Yep!  I said PRINTABLE BOXES... Boxes you can print, assemble and use to store these games in.  SWEET!)

This one is totally free for you and I hope you love it.

Little Lovie Pack #11:

LittleLoviePack11Our Little Lovie Pack is designed for children who are in about 1st through 3rd grade.  Remember that this is just a guideline and children both older and younger may find great value in these activities.  Again, this pack on it’s own is just $14 or about $1.55 per file!

Let’s see what you get in the Little Lovie Pack!

  • Maze book
  • Solar System Uno
  • Roll & Cover (Multiplication!)
  • 3, 4 and more digit addition practice

LittleLoviePack11_022LittleLoviePack11_049LittleLoviePack11_042 LittleLoviePack11_007














  • Space Travel Math game
  • Journaling pages
  • Synonym/Antonym Boxable File Folder Game
  • “Craft” a better sentence game

LittleLoviePack11_076 LittleLoviePack11_059 LittleLoviePack11_001 LittleLoviePack11_018

















  • BONUS – Reward Charts

Reward Charts_Piggies In Space Theme_LLL-02

Oh my this post is getting very long!

If you’ve stuck with me this far, THANK YOU!  You are amazing.  🙂

I have a bonus for you!

The Lovie Pack Bundle #11

For this set of Lovie Packs, I have a special bonus when you buy BOTH Lovie Packs together in the bundle.  Of course, you get the Tiny Lovie Pack and the Little Lovie Pack.  But you ALSO get something else…

LoviePack11You get:

  • The Tiny Lovie Pack
  • The Little Lovie Pack
  • The “Three Little Pigs” Bonus Mini-Pack!

So what’s in the bonus pack?

You get

  1. Our Three Little Pigs Story Book
  2. Counting Clip Cards
  3. Dot Art
  4. Re-telling puppets
  5. Math Boxable File Folder Game (Things that add to 10)

That’s 22 files for $25!  (about $1.13 per file!)

TheStoryOfTheThreeLittlePigs_LLL_2014_FULL_Page_04 TheStoryOfTheThreeLittlePigs_LLL_2014_FULL_Page_05 CountingClipCards_3littlepigs_LLL_2014-01 DotArt_3LittlePigs_LLL_2014-02 DotArt_3LittlePigs_LLL_2014-06 RetellingPuppets_3LittlePigs_LLL_2014-01 3LittlePigsAddTo10_Boxable_PaperSaver_Page_1

Not bad, huh?  Can you imagine the hours of fun your kids will have enjoying these activities? We’ve worked hard to keep assembly time down to a minimum so you can spend more time enjoying the games.

Now… I DID promise you a giveaway, didn’t I?

The Big Giveaway:

Someone out there is going to WIN this WHOLE Lovie Pack Bundle!  It COULD be YOU! (If you enter, that is!)

**If you enter and buy the Lovie Packs now, and you also happen to WIN, I will be very happy to give you $25 worth of other printables of your choice.  So don’t wait to see if you won, okay?  I’ll take good care of you…. **

This giveaway is open to everyone everywhere!  The prize is a digital product which means nothing will be shipped to you.  To claim the prize you must have a good internet connection and a place to save the files to. This giveaway is not affiliated nor endorsed by any of the social media platforms referenced within the giveaway.


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