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Halloween Printable Goodies Just Turned Up at Little Learning Lovies!

Every year for Halloween, we try to make sure we have things to give out that are NOT candy. Our corner bookmarks have been a favorite for the past few years, but we really wanted something new and fun for this year.  We are excited to share this Halloween Printable Goodie pack with you, too!

Halloween Printable Goodies

These Halloween printable treats are fun to make, fun to give, AND fun to GET! ♥


The printable file includes 4 different goodie bags, 4 richly designed book marks and an absolutely hilariously goofy halloween joke book!


The Halloween Printable Goodie Bags:

Print these on plain paper.  It won’t take long at all to cut them out and glue them up.  In no time, you’ll have a stack of adorable goodie bags that literally cost you pennies each.

halloween-goody-bags-02 halloween-goody-bags-04


The Halloween Printable Bookmarks:

Print these on card stock.  These come 4 on a sheet, so they are super inexpensive.  You could even be generous and give 2 of them per person!  lol


The Halloween Printable Joke Book:

This one is slightly more complicated because if you’ve never folded an 8-page mini book before, you’ll need to learn how (it’s easy!).  Once you know that, though, these become very fast to make and the use just one sheet of paper each!

Another Gift For You!

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COMING SOON :  Our video on how to fold an 8 page mini book!


FREE Just in Time For Halloween!

These are SUPER frugal because, well…. they are FREE!  All you need is a little paper and ink and for just a few pennies per person, you can be the COOL house on the block without giving out so much sugar!  Catch this for free now… it will be $3.50 when the sale is over. ♥

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