September 12

Even More: US Geography Resource Bundle JUST GREW AGAIN!


The US Geography Resource Bundle that we launched last Monday was already awesome.  It had TONS of great resources for teaching the states to a wide variety of learners.  But you know, when I planned this bundle of geography games, I had way more ideas than I could get done in a reasonable amount of time. So I went ahead and kept working, even after launch day. IF YOU BOUGHT THE BUNDLE ALREADY, just sign into your account and check your account history.  The new files are all there for you to download!

What’s New in the US Geography Bundle?

Well, late last week I added a few extra things.   I included a cursive version of the writing book so older learners could benefit from it, too. Plus I added a “Spell The State Names” puzzle pack that’s great for 1st through 4th grades.

Today, I added two different “Hide N’ Seek Puzzle Pocket” geography games, one with the state borders and one with the state flags. These are amazingly fun to play with all ages.  And you can tailor the game to each person!  Maybe you have a younger player name the state that the flag/border belongs to and ask an older student to name the capital of the state that border or flag belongs to!



Go look at the WHOLE US Geography Resource Bundle TODAY because the sale ends at MIDNIGHT!

And if you buy it today and I add more to it, you’ll automatically get access to the new files for no extra charge! ♥  So please, grab it NOW while it’s on sale for JUST $19!!!  Tomorrow it’s jumping up to $49!



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