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Multiplication Memory! Have Fun Practicing Those Tricky Facts

Multiplication Memory is a great way to help kids practice and memorize their multiplication facts. Quick fact recall is a great skill that needs to be practiced until mastered and then practiced some more!  It’s a use-it-or-lose-it sort of skill and I love to come up with fun ways to keep using it!


Multiplication Memory

These cute sea creatures (and a frog.. I couldn’t help it. He’s so cute!) make for a fun memory game.  In this case, though, you have to make sure you match up a multiplication question with it’s proper answer!

Here’s a look at one of the pages in the set…


This file gives you 60 cards plus a page to print on the back of the cards (to help make sure kids can’t see through the cards).

Ready To Play?

First, go get your Sea Creature Multiplication Memory Game.

Then, print these on heavy card stock and laminate them with 5 mil laminate to make them last longer.  Cut the cards apart and in no time, you’ll have a fun game to practice those multiplication facts!

Another Gift For You!

(Opens in a new window so you don’t lose your current page. ♥ ENJOY!)


I hope you enjoy!

Leave me a comment here if you use this game!  I’d love to hear how your kids enjoy it.

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