June 15

Expanded Form – A Third Grade Math Game {FREE}


Expanded form can be a tricky concept when you first encounter it.  In fact, you might have forgotten what that even means!

Expanded form is a way of writing a number as an addition problem.

If you have a number like 1,234 you would write it as 1000 + 200 + 30 + 4 = 1,234FreeExpandedFormGameLLL-KAB-FEATURE

So now that you remember what expanded form is, why don’t you go ahead and pop over to Kids Activities Blog and grab our new Expanded Form Game for free!


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Broken & Blessed

Broken & Blessed
  1. I have a similar set inspired by Montesorri, but these are so much nicer!!! Beautiful colors that the kids will like much better! I have used my plain set so often with my own kids and for tutoring. This is a wonderful way to teach big numbers. Somehow it cements the concept of big numbers for kids. And I love the addition of the 10 sided dice! I can think of several other ways to use them too! Thanks!!!

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