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Free At the PreK Corner – Pretty Spring Cootie Catcher

The PreK Corner

If you follow LLL on Facebook, you may have heard about the PreK Corner.  It’s a new membership site filled with printables from Little Learning Lovies (Half of them are brand new ones and half of them are favorites from the store… It’s really an amazing deal).  It’s great fun and if you have a child aged about 2 1/2 up through Kindergarten age, you’ll love it!

A Cootie Catcher for Spring

Today, the PreK Corner just released a new freebie that I wanted to share with you.  My own kiddos folded these up quickly and filled them with sweet things to say for Mother’s Day.  But you can use these for anything.  Fill it with jokes or fun facts or, what it was originally meant for, fortunes!  🙂


Get it and folding instructions at the PreK Corner!

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Sandra Modersohn is a devoted wife, mother, and homeschooler. She loves great graphic design and has a passion for creating beautiful and useful printable materials for children. Little Learning Lovies where she shares her creations with the world. She can be found on Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest and, of course, at the Little Learning Lovies Blog and Store.

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