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Tax Time – What do YOU use?

It’s tax time,and if you file your own taxes through an online service, you might want to  consider using H&R Block!

I have to say I was a die-hard Turbo Tax user for years until they made a whole lot of mistakes last year that cost me both time and money.  During all of that, I switched over to H&R Block.


In the time it took for a customer service rep from Turbo Tax to finally get on and pretend to help with my issue (it was NOT a good experience!) I was able to input all of my information into the H&R Block forms, and I was impressed with the extra questions they asked and the fact that because they were so thorough, our refund was larger.  Significantly.

I found the H&R Block user interface to be much friendlier and clearer as well as simple and intuitive.  Any questions I had were preemptively answered for me and H&R Block was

able to anticipate special circumstances that I always had to specifically add into worksheets on Turbo Tax.


If you do your own taxes, I highly recommend you try H&R Block out.

Another Gift For You!

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Best of all, it doesn’t cost you a penny to find out if the H&R Block system works better for you!  Just enter your info (it took me 45 minutes last year and that’s with our household running 2 businesses!) and see what happens…



Disclaimer: Through a network I belong to, I have used affiliate links within this post.  As such, I do earn a small compensation in exchange for referring you to this company.  I want you to know, however, that I do not endorse products or services that I do not feel strongly about and H&R Block is one of those companies that I am behind 100% as far as their service and customer care goes.  They really know what they are doing and are a great way to get your taxes done!

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