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Weekly Workbox Planner – FREE! – Workbox Wednesday

Free Weekly Workbox Planner

Workboxes are awesome!

Without them, I would never feel like I could successfully school my kids.  I would forever feel like I was missing something.  But WITH the workbox system, I know I’m covering what I want to and it’s easy to catch up if we end up behind (though more often than not, we’re ahead of the plan!)

The HARDEST part is planning out all those boxes!

For the first few weeks of using these boxes, I spent so much time each night refilling and I was nearly burned out, until I realized that I could plan it all out ahead of time and most of it didn’t even have to change!

Now, schooling requires very little planning time on my part.  It’s all nearly automated and we can just have fun doing the actual learning.  Just the way I like it.

I do still like to plan out our week on paper, though, and usually plan out a full semester (1/2 year) so I know if we’ll be on track or not by the end of the year.  I do it on something very similar to these sheets that I’m GIVING you for free today…

Another Gift For You!

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Take a look at what our weekly workbox planner might look like all filled in:

Free Weekly Workbox Planner in use

Our weekly workbox planner takes about 10 minutes to fill out.  And just LOOK at all the goodies we get to fit into a day!  Best of all, I’m not wiped out by the end of it.  It flows so nicely and we really get to enjoy our time together.

Free Weekly Worbox Planner for you!

I want to GIVE this Weekly Workbox Planner to you for free this week.

Free Weekly Workbox Planner

There are 4 different styles in our Weekly Workbox Planner so you can pick which one works for you (even ink-saving black and white!).  No coupon code required, because this Free Weekly Workbox Planner is on sale at the store right now for free!  But hurry.  It won’t be on sale for long (ends Sunday, February 2nd).

Please share this deal with your friends!  They’ll want to organize their school day too, I’m sure.

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