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Kids US Travel Planner and Journal

Little Learning Lovies is PROUD to share that we just added a Kids US Travel Planner and Journal to our US Geography Bundle!  There are so many ways to explore the states and this planner adds another dimension to your studies.  It’s a really useful learning tool even if you can’t travel! Let’s take a look at it now:


This Kids US Travel Planner and Journal is FUN!

As you study each state through our US Geography Bundle, use this planner to learn more about each state. If you were able to visit this state, what would you want to make sure you see?  Learn to research a little as you find the answers to questions about each state.  Journal about your hopes for a trip there.  And if you’re lucky enough to actually get to take your trip, use the journal to write down your experiences!


This one planner file has over 300 pages in it! You can use as much or as little of it as you’d like to, but it’s all there for you to enjoy learning with. ♥

Did you already buy our US Geography Bundle?

Many of you have already purchased this bundle.  If that’s you… Guess what?  YOU GET THIS ADDITION FOR FREE!  Just sign into your account, browse to your account history and download the new Kids US Travel Planner and Journal from your account!  It’s just sitting there waiting for you.

Don’t have our US Geography Bundle already?

Now is a great time to grab it!  In honor of this new addition to the bundle, we’re hosting a coupon sale!  Use the coupon code below to get the whole US Geography Bundle, including the new Kids US Travel Planner and Journal, for just $39!  It’s worth every penny!  This bundle of goodies, which contains over 700 pages, is worth over $100 now, and if you were to buy each piece by itself (which you can’t!) so you’re saving over 60%! But, like most sales, this one has to end.  You only have until Sunday night to use this coupon code. Okay?  So go use it!  And then tell your friends to do it, too! ♥

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Another Gift For You!

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I sincerely hope you enjoy this new addition to our Geography Bundle! ♥

Let us know in the comments what else you’d like to see us add to this amazing bundle of geography learning fun! ♥

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