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“Just A Minute…” – Putting Off What’s Important

I say it all the time to my kids.  “Just a minute, honey!”

Sometimes I have a good reason.  Maybe I’m cooking and can’t leave the stove.  Or maybe I’m in the middle of a phone conversation.

And sometimes I don’t really have any reason at all.  At least not one worth putting my darlings off again.


I’m a firm believer in children knowing that the universe doesn’t actually revolve around them.  But I also believe they need to know they are far more important to me than, say, that funny Facebook post I was reading.

This December, when life gets crazy full of activities and to-do lists, let’s make a promise to each other, dear momma, that we’ll say yes a little more often.  Let’s stop what we’re doing and look our darlings in the eye as they show us that 27th scribbled-on paper.  Let’s scoop them up in a big ‘ol hug and bask in their delighted laughter.  Let’s surprise them with a sweet note under their pillow to find when they go to bed.  Let’s make it their best month ever!  ♥


Do  YOU tend to put your kids off more than you’d like?  What can you do this month to fix this bad habit?  What little things and big things can you do to let your kids know how important they are?

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