August 24

Letter J Two Part Puzzles – {Subscriber Exclusive Freebie} & A Perfect Tee!

We have a new Subscriber Exclusive Freebie for you: Our Letter J- Two Part Puzzles!   You can find all of our previous subscriber exclusive freebies here, if you missed any of them.

A Perfect Tee…

Many of you who read my blog are homeschoolers.  If this is you, then I just HAVE to show you this before we get to the free printable for today.



Isn’t this a great shirt?

We have a local homeschool group here, totally non-profit, that is looking to raise some money to help make field trips more affordable and get some supplies for classes and work on community outreach here.  If you love this shirt, please consider buying it!  It’s exclusive to our group and we’d love to share the joy… It’s awesome to wear this on field trips so people don’t look at you funny and ask the same question over and over. (You know the one!)

Sale of this shirt ends on September 13th.  And if you aren’t able to buy one, please consider sharing about it with your homeschool friends!  (It comes in blue and dark gray too!) 

Okay… On with the freebie!  ♥

Letter J Two Part Puzzles

2-part puzzles teach a LOT in a very small package.  Our Letter J 2 Part Puzzles show children both the upper and lower case letter, so they can learn to match them up.  They also have a picture clue that is split in half.  Putting this together allows a child to learn and practice spatial awareness as they also discover the beginning sound of the picture.  Each puzzle also includes the vocabulary word shown by the picture.  This shows the letter in use within a word and helps children learn and practice how letters connect to create a whole word.

If you haven’t tried these with your sweeties, yet, please… Give them a try.  You’ll be amazed at what they can learn from this activity! ♥

Letter J 2 part puzzles two part puzzles
Teach sounds of Letter J with this fun 2 part puzzle activity!

This is a Subscriber Exclusive Freebie…

which means we need you to enter your information on the next page to verify that you’re on our email list.  If you’re not already, we’ll add you to it.  Once you confirm your subscription, you’ll see the links appear right below the form.  You can download, print and learn immediately!

Please click to the next page to download this free printable!



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