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Merry Christmas: A New Tradition For Christmas Eve

Do you have special traditions you enjoy each Christmas Eve?

In our family we do quite a lot today, this evening and tomorrow. One thing we’ve been doing the past few years is sharing the story of the birth of Jesus while the children color and create their own nativity scene.

You could have them enjoy this activity while you watch a movie about it too! (Feel free to offer up some ideas in the comments if you have a favorite!)

Here’s the Nativity pack we use.

We color in the different pieces as we tell the story and hang them up on our wall near our tree…

We have a few other options too, if you’d like to add them in. And my kids LOVE to play ‘Roll A Santa’ before bed!

This one, you build the tree and then decorate it however you’d like… You can add presents under the tree too!


Build Santa and his sleigh! 🙂 Fun to hang by the tree…

What’s YOUR favorite part of Christmas?

When I ask my kids what their favorite part of Christmas is, the 4 year old still says “Opening the presents”, but my 8 and 9 year olds now say that their favorite part is the togetherness… the games we play and the TIME we spend just focused on each other.

Here are a few of the games we use nearly every year.

I personally LOVE the story game!

Another Gift For You!

(Opens in a new window so you don’t lose your current page. ♥ ENJOY!)


All you need to add to this fun game is dice! Players take turns rolling and adding Santa parts to their mat. 🙂 LOTS of giggling with this game.

Oh, this game is so fun! Each player picks a card and adds a sentence to the story using the word on their card. This gets really silly really quick!


What are YOUR favorite traditions at Christmas?

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