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Silhouette – Sale + FREE Cutting Files For YOU!

This post is written for you as part of the Silhouette Circle, a group of bloggers who share information, projects and inspiration for using Silhouette products.  This post does contain affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase through these links, I am compensated a small percentage of your purchase amount.  This does not cost you any extra and, in fact, if you make a purchase using the coupon code “LOVIES” you’ll be saving a bundle!  Thank you!

Oh, what a LOVELY Christmas gift this would be! ♥

Do you know a crafter? Someone who would enjoy this amazingly cool tool? This is the best moment EVER to grab yourself a Silhouette cutting machine.
They are so easy to use (and alarmingly fun!) but I warn you:  You WILL go through a TON of paper and get a whole slew of projects off your to-do list as you search for reasons to use this machine again.

[tweetthis]I warn you-You WILL go through a TON of paper and get a whole slew of projects off your to-do list[/tweetthis]


To enjoy all of their sales, use coupon code “LOVIES” at checkout! You’ll get the best deals that way …

I personally own a Silhouette Portrait which has been just perfect for my own needs.  I’m not a scrap-booker so I don’t need to use 12″X12″ paper.  And I have a fun project here for you that I can’t wait to share! (I think you’ll love it!)

So instead of showing you in another post, I’ll show you right here.  (I’ll even give you some free cutting files that you can use with YOUR Silhouette machine!)


There are a million and one ways to enjoy counting down to Christmas but this one is super fun, easy to put together (even if you DON’T have a fancy cutting machine) and so pretty!

Of course, having that Silhouette machine means I can save my hands a bit of work!  After all, I just have to set it up, and it cuts and entertains all at once, as my kids and I sit back and laugh at our scissors.

[tweetthis] I just set it up,it cuts and entertains all at once, my kids and I sit back and laugh at our scissors. [/tweetthis]

Watch it cut out one of these little envelopes in no time!

Another Gift For You!

(Opens in a new window so you don’t lose your current page. ♥ ENJOY!)


[KGVID width=”640″ height=”360″][/KGVID]

I really love that I can set this thing up and go do something else while it cuts this stuff out.  I’m going to show you another cool project soon where you’ll REALLY see the benefits of this.  🙂  But for now, back to our little envelopes.

Count Down To Christmas Envelopes from Little Learning Lovies.  FREE! In PDF format AND in .STUDIO3 format for your Silhouette machines!

After we hung these up and they started relaxing open again, we just took a tiny piece of gift wrap tape and taped down the fronts of the envelopes. Now they lay nice and flat and there’s no peeking! 😉

Once they were cut, we folded them, wrote fun activities in them and then hung them on our fridge.  I used masking tape loops on the backs of these, but next time, I’ll put little round stick-on magnets!  As we open them, we stick them into a jar and save them for next year.  They do look so pretty in the jar…


Want to make this yourself?

I just happen to have the files for this fun Count Down To Christmas set here for you in two formats… One if you have a Silhouette machine and one if you don’t!

YOU can grab the Silhouette cutting files AND/OR the PDFs (if you don’t have a Silhouette) right now so you can make your own set.  Just confirm that you’re a subscriber and the links for the files will show up below.  If you’re not a subscriber yet, we’ll add you to the list.  Either way, the links will show right away.  To use the Silhouette Cutting files, you need to have either a Silhouette Portrait or a Silhouette Cameo and their software (these were made using Studio 3, so you may need to update to the most recent software version to use them).

[email-download download_id=”4331″ contact_form_id=”4089″]

Need ideas for what to write inside these little envelopes?

Check out our Advent Idea round up post!  Chock full of some great ideas from wonderful ladies in blog-land! ♥

Round UP of GREAT Advent and Count Down To Christmas Ideas

Don’t have a Silhouette machine?

You SHOULD!  This thing is amazingly cool.  And right now, there are so many specials going on, you don’t want to miss them!  What are you waiting for?

Use Coupon Code: LOVIES at checkout!  These specials are good through Dec. 8th 2014!

Remember to use coupon code LOVIES at checkout with Silhouette to get all the best deals.  (Because I LOVE you!)

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