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Add Some Fun to YOUR week!

or…  How To Keep Your Kids Learning When the Weather Is Calling Them Outside….

Happy Monday!  Are you finding it hard to keep your little learners engaged with their studies this time of year?  In my house, we’ve been spending so much time outside, our usual book studies are sort of getting shoved aside.  The cure?  Make It Fun!

We have our May Lovie Packs that are full of age appropriate activities that you can print and play right away…  Click on over to the store and click on the big preview image.  You’ll then get to see every single game that comes in the packs!  Here are some links for you:

Click here for the May Tiny Lovie Pack for grades PreK through 1st grade
Here’s a quick glimpse of just SOME of the games you get in this pack!  Go click to see them all!

 May2013TL_01 May2013TL_05 May2013TL_06
May2013TL_28 May2013TL_34 May2013TL_56


Click here for the May Little Lovie Pack for grades 1st through 3rd.
Here’s a quick look into the May Little Lovie Pack… This is just a FEW of the many games you get in this set..
May2013LL_01 May2013LL_06 May2013LL_16
May2013LL_25 May2013LL_32 May2013LL_39

Remember, these games are only here for one month!  So grab the bundles while they are here…

Another Gift For You!

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Now… If you don’t want a whole pack and just want a little fun, here are a few new things we’ve just added to the store.  Just click on the images to go see them at the store (you can click on the main image in the store to see more preview images of the games!)

Butterfly-Life-Cycle-Coloring-Book AButterflyGrowsXPLLLWBT


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