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Weather Mini-Unit (PreK & K)


This Mini-Unit about weather is fun while being packed with learning!  (Designed for PreK and K students)

Start off with the Weather Wheel.  Use it to practice the days of the week and encourage your little learner to observe the weather.  They’ll spin the day wheel to the proper day of the week (Sight words!) and then spin the Weather Wheel until it shows what the weather is like that day.  If you have very young children, you stop there.


You can print out the Weather Journal page that encourages children to learn to write the date, decide if it’s hot/warm or cold/cool out, and circle the weather icon that matches the day.

And then…

Once you’ve done that for about 3 weeks (so three pages worth) you can print out the Weather Graph page and have them graph their data that they’ve collected into a bar graph.


You’ll have them answer some questions about the graph and discuss how graphs like that can be used.

Of course, you’ll want to practice these weather words so they can learn to read them reliably.  So I’ve included a Memory style game you can play along with some handwriting pages where they can practice their letter formation, trace the words, and then try to write them on their own.


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