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US Geography Resource Bundle


12 19 Resources – Something for every learning style! (See the full description and samples HERE)

NOTE: Price on THIS product page takes precedence over any other prices shown on the website.

Here’s the list of everything in the bundle:  (ages are just a guide.  You know your children best!  Many activities designed for older children can be done with younger children if you help!)


This big bundle is designed for a variety of learning styles, with plenty of hands-on games, word games, drawing, card games and more. We’re pretty sure we’ve covered every type of learner, but if not, feel free to message us and let us know what you’d like us to add! ♥ We’d LOVE to do that for you.

Ready to see what’s in this BIG bundle? Here’s the list (oh… and when we add to it, you’ll automatically get whatever extra files we throw in FOREVER! So as the bundle grows… and it will… you’ll enjoy it all without having to pay any more for it)

  • Draw The States eBook (all ages)
  • US Geography Word Search eBook (Ages 6+)
  • US Geography Write, Trace & Color eBook (ages 3-8)
  • Us Geography Map Puzzle (ages 6+)
  • US Geography Cross-Word Puzzle eBook (ages 6+)
  • Clip Cards By Region (ages 6+)
  • Clip Cards By State Flag (ages 6+)
  • Clip Cards By Capital (ages 6+)
  • State Flag Flash Cards (ages 4+)
  • MEMORY!  States and Capitals (ages 6+)
  • MEMORY! State Flags (ages 6+)
  • US Geography UNO! (ages 4+)
  • BONUS: US Geography Learn The States 2 Part Puzzles (all ages)
  • EXTRA BONUS: Write, Trace & Color is now also in CURSIVE!
  • EXTRA BONUS: Spell The States Puzzles for all ages!
  • ANOTHER EXTRA BONUS!  Hide N’ Seek Puzzle Pockets State Borders Edition
  • ANOTHER EXTRA BONUS!  Hide N’ Seek Puzzle Pockets State FLAG Edition
  • JUST ADDED (2-26-17) VISIT THE STATES Planner & Journal (over 300 pgs!) 

So much to learn!  ♥


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