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Things That Go – Place Value Race

Original price was: $6.50.Current price is: $4.50.

This game is a lot of fun and requires both strategy and luck to win.  That makes it the perfect game for multiple ages to play together!  We’ve played this game successfully with our whole family from the 2 1/2-year-old right on up to Mom and Dad!  Everyone has a great time with this game.

Everyone gets a game mat and is dealt some number cards.  Go around the circle with everyone taking a turn flipping over their top card and placing it on their mat.  Once a card is placed it can not be moved.  Go around the circle 4 times, until everyone has placed a card on every place value on their mat.  The person with the highest number wins that match!

Easy to learn, and a LOT of fun for everyone.  ENJOY!


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