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This adorable bird-themed movie night kit is so much fun!  And the PDF tickets are editable, too, so you can add in your family name, ticket numbers, movie title and more.

We use these as a reward system.  The kids have to EARN their tickets!  We make a big deal about blocking access to anyone without a ticket (so far they’ve always earned their tickets) and they giggle with delight when they are admitted to their own living room! lol

Printable Popcorn Boxes??

I will literally print up ANYTHING that is possible.  These popcorn boxes get printed on card stock and hold enough popcorn to keep a kid happy for about half an hour.  We always have a big bowl that they are welcome to go refill from. YES- We use butter – real butter – on our popcorn and these boxes have no problem holding up for movie night.  Sometimes we can use them 2 days in a row (we have big kid movie night and little kid movie night around here, Friday & Saturday)

It only takes me about 10 – 15 minutes to cut and glue up enough boxes for our family of 7. I try to remember to make them earlier in the week, but frequently I’m rushing to print and cut while the popcorn is popping! lol  Oh, well.  Maybe you’ll be better at planning ahead than I am! 😉


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