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Monster Alphabet “Get Moving” Beginning Sounds Pocket Game

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I just ADORE these monsters!  I’ve been trying to pick my favorite but I can’t.

Here is the FIRST in a new series of games from Little Learning Lovies using these adorable Alphabet Monsters.

This is a GREAT game for kids who don’t like to sit for worksheets.

We recommend you print this on card stock!  Then hang the assembled pockets on the wall.  Have kids pick a game token and tell you what word they think the picture represents.  There are no wrong answers there!  (Some pictures could easily be several things… Like the “Apple” could seem to represent the word “red”) Once they’ve decided what the picture is, they have to tell you what letter sound it starts with and then MOVE to go tuck it in the letter pocket that matches.

GREAT fun for one child, two children, or a whole classroom full.

Note:  You can also put the pockets out on a table if movement would be an obstacle rather than a help!


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