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“Hoo” Loves Movies? Popcorn Boxes and Editable Movie Tickets




No kidding!
Here’s how we use these at our house.  At the start of the week, I make tickets for our Friday night movie.  The tickets included here are editable!  So you can add in YOUR family name, your movie title and your ticket numbers.  Lots of fun!   I print those out and my kids have to earn their ticket by completing chores and school work with a happy attitude.  (Yep… Attitude matters around here!)
On Friday, I print the popcorn boxes on heavy card stock.  110# works great for this.  I cut them out, glue them up, and fill ’em with popcorn for the movie.  I usually make our popcorn in a hot air popper and then slather it in butter.  Yes!  These boxes hold up just fine with all that butter!  🙂  You can probably use them two or three times if you don’t like a ton of butter. lol

It usually takes me about 10 to 15 minutes to print, cut, and glue up 7 boxes for our family.  You can even have the kids help out if you want.

These would be awesome for a party, too!  If you make them in advance, you can even stack them up inside each other, once the glue is dry!


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