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Gumball Machine Learning Bundle

Original price was: $34.99.Current price is: $17.97.

A fun and lively learning pack for PreK through 1st grade.

Like ALL of our learning bundles, this one will grow over time.  As it does, you’ll automatically get access to the new files without paying an extra penny, even as the price goes up!  (That’s one of my favorite things about this system!)

Currently, these are the titles included in this bundle.  As new titles are added, they will be marked with the date they were added.

  1. Counting Gumballs
  2. Gumball Addition 2 Ways
  3. Gumball Cut N Paste A-Z
  4. Make 10! Gumball Addition Game
  5. Gumball Counting Flash Cards
  6. Gumball Counting CLIP Cards
  7. Gumball CVC Word Builder
  8. BONUS: Gumball Themed Stationary
  9. ADDED 5/31/17 – Gumball CVC Word Builder SCRABBLE GAME

I recommend this for PreK through about 1st grade since the topics covered include counting, simple addition, early phonics, CVC words etc.


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