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Free “Spread The Joy” Cards



It all began with my kids!  They were randomly complimenting people in the store as we were shopping and I noticed something happen: Grumpy faces turned into beaming smiles. My kids actually started seeking out people who looked like they were struggling with their day. They would find something happy to say about them.  I love your jacket! Beautiful shoes! I love how you did your hair. It didn’t matter how old or young the person was. Every single one of them beamed in delight and we noticed that they KEPT smiling after we had moved on. The kids were spreading joy and it was catching on throughout the store. We noticed one of the people they had complimented helping a stranger, and another one complimented someone else!  They were spreading the joy, too!

I realize some kids don’t feel comfortable just going up to a random person to compliment them.  So I made these cards you can use.  Just take a card, hand it to someone as you compliment them and wish them a happy holiday. See what a difference your joy-spreading can do in just ONE store.  But be careful: This is an addictive game that just might make your holiday joyful!  🙂


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