Easter “Time”


Easter “Time” has three color-coded sets of cards in it, so you can set up the game for different levels. Once you print the cards on card stock and cut them apart, there are a few things
you can do with them. You could put them in a file folder and have students fill out the response sheet from there. Or you could put the cards in a bag and have them draw out cards one
at a time. Or, my personal favorite, hang them around the classroom or even around your whole house. Then have students walk around the room looking for all the different cards and writing down what they find.

No matter how you set it up, students will use the response sheet to write down what time each clock says. You can assign children a certain color to find (Blue border is to
the hour, the yellow border is to the 15 minutes, green border is to the 5 minutes) or you can have your student find ANY 8 cards they want.

Have fun with Easter “time”!


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