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Candy-Free Halloween Goodies!


This is a perfect solution to avoid giving out more candy!  (Or you can give this in addition to candy!)  Go ahead and put out a Turquoise Pumpkin and participate in being a safe home for kids with food allergies. Or just have fun making these for a Halloween party!

Print and give!  These would be fun for a Halloween party or to give out to little trick-or-treaters instead of (or in addition to) candy!

You get 4 different printable goodie bags.   —  Just print these on standard paper, cut, fold, glue and stuff!

A cute Halloween joke book! — Cut out on the outside border.  Then fold along each line (fold back and forth once for a good crease).  Cut on the dark center line.  Fold along that same line and then push the other center fold out.  Fold the book flat and you’ve got an 8 page mini book that will keep the kids giggling!

4 different bookmarks — These spooky page-holders get printed on card stock and encourage reading!  🙂


You can add other things into your goodie bags, too!  I would include a themed pencil, maybe.  Some stickers might be fun.  What else could you think of to put in there?  Whatever you do, I hope you have a lot of fun giving these out!


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